Bat Out of Hell The Musical At Kings Theatre Glasgow Review


Reviewed by Emily

I was delighted to see Bat Out of Hell the Musical last night. After the long-enforced hiatus, it was reassuring to see a packed house turning out on a dreich Tuesday evening and life returning to some normality.
Bat Out of Hell The Musical opened in Manchester in 2017, with this UK tour opening in Manchester last month. The tour is dedicated to Jim Steinman who wrote the book, music and lyrics for the Musical and sadly passed away earlier this year.

The show mainly features songs from the Meat Loaf albums, Bat Out of Hell, Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell and Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster is Loose- all written by Steinmam.

In truth, the plot isn’t really that easy to follow but with one rock number after another it doesn’t massively detract from the show- as I heard a fellow patron comment, “it’s as much of a concert as it is a show”.
Strat played by Glenn Adamson is the leader of The Lost, a group whose DNA was frozen when they were 18 years old so they remain forever 18. Strat is in love with Raven (Martha Kirby) the daughter of the city’s dictator Falco (Rob Fowler). Falco tries to protect Raven by keeping her at home but, encouraged by her mother Sloane (Sharon Sexton), she joins the The Lost. Her Father’s power causes her doubts but ultimately love conquers all and Falco redeems himself.

The musical hits come one after another, but numbers of note were Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad (Joelle Moses and James Chisholm), Objects In the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are (Ensemble) and Paradise by The Dashboard Light (Sharon Sexton and Rob Fowler) but the voice of Martha Kirby stole the show for me.
The staging sets the scene of the barren, Deep End of the city where the lost live and the contrasting home of Falco Towers. Lots of special effects such as confetti cannons and flames added to the drama! An on-stage camera projected onto a large screen adding another dimension but also allowing the audience sitting stage left to see the action hidden from their view.

The show is fairly raunchy and the 13+ age rating is well advised but it is also very amusing as well.
The King’s Theatre is located in Bath Street in Glasgow’s city centre. The theatre felt covid secure with covid passports or lateral flow test results being carefully checked on entry. Although the entry queue was large, the staff efficiency admitted everyone in plenty of time for the show. All the staff and the majority of the audience wore masks while moving around the theatre but it did get warm during the performance.

We were seated in the Grand Circle, while generally the visibility was good, the action within Falco Towers was out of sight but we could see the action on the screen.

Bat Out of Hell The Musical runs at The King’s Theatre until the 30th October with performances Monday to Saturday at 7.30pm and matinee performances on Wednesday and Saturday at 2.30pm.

Rating: 4/5

King’s Theatre, Glasgow
tickets from £13

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