Luxe City Guide London Review


Reviewed by Helen Jiggins

The guide has a plastic transparent slip cover, which is simple and it is easy to slide the guide in and out. The booklet is designed to be portable and the slip cover would be useful to keep it clean and intact.

The booklet is concertina-style with dense text. It is printed on waxy card, obviously designed to fit into a pocket, which adds to the portability of the product. The text itself is capitalised with titles (names of places/establishments/businesses) in bold. This is a condensed text-based review of numerous central London-based attractions, accommodation and businesses (restaurants, shops, etc…). There is also a free online update, booking and mobile guide available.

Overall, the text was very dense, small and in capital letters throughout, which did make it more difficult to read and follow. The tone of the text and the writing style was good and engaging for the reader. It comes across as an independent review for the London tourist, which, it appears, is the target audience. Herein lies the question, if this is targeted at the older traveller then the text is probably too small and difficult to read, if it is designed for the younger visitor, then a mobile app or similar may be more appropriate than a text-based walking guide. It is unclear who this guide would specifically appeal to in its current format. The language (jovial and irreverent) makes the guide more interesting and does make the reader feel more confident in the value and accuracy of both the positive and negative write-ups. The use of titles is well done and guides the reader through the many sections, as does the use of bold print for names (places, businesses etc…). As a frequent visitor to London, I might be tempted to take it with me, but it does feel more like a guide for a first-time visitor or a foreign tourist, rather than a frequent day-tripper. At £4.99 this booklet is good value for money and seems to be priced about right.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £8.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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