Lotil Original Lipcare Lip Balm Review


Reviewed by Jennifer Seymour

Lotil has been around for over 100 years providing basic creams that “do what they say on the tin” and providing hydration for worn skin. The lip salve claims to “help soothe and prevent dry, chapped and sore lips”.

I really suffer from chapped lips which can then lead to blisters, so I am keen to find a product that will help me prevent this. I used Lotil lip care before I actually had cracked lips on this occasion, but my lips feel smooth and moist when it is applied and for some time afterwards. It has a nice “coconut” fragrance which smelt yummy and lasted for a while after application.

As I say, I have not yet had to use it on very chapped lips, but actually I have been using this for a couple of weeks and my lips have not been chapped since. I can’t say this is only due to using this product, but they certainly feel in good, healthy condition feeling much softer than normal. As a middle-aged woman, I was starting to feel like my lips were getting dry around the edges causing deeper lines around my mouth and so I love using this lip salve to seek to combat that. Like the Lotil original cream, after using this lip balm, I feel like my lips are far more hydrated and plumper than they were before I used it and with a SPF30, this product could be used to protect your lips all year round.

One thing I didn’t like so much is that because the product is fairly rich, like the original cream, it goes on quite thick and leaves a white sheen on the lips for a while after application, which is why this product hasn’t received 5 stars. This hasn’t bothered me, as I have used the lip salve at home, but it might put me off using it out and about, unless I had really chapped lips or use it as a base to cover with a coloured lipstick over the top.

Lotil lip salve comes in a handy traditional twist-up 4g stick (similar size to a lip stick) with a click top that works well, so it would be handy and secure enough to carry in your bag without fear of the top falling off. I love the fact it is lipstick shaped for easier application. However, a couple of the sticks that I had broke off shortly after we received them despite the fact we did not twist them up too high. However, customer service was really professional and immediately replaced the two broken items – thanks Lotil.

As with all Lotil products, what is great about this lip salve is the price!  This is such a good value product, but really does leave my lips feeling super soft.

Rating: 4/5

Available at most pharmacies and in particular from
Weldricks Pharmacy for £1.29
Amazon from £1.15
Lloyds Pharmacy £1.99

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