Living on a budget with Aldi Review

Reviewed by Paul Magnan

I live on a very limited budget and have around £35-40 a week to spend on food. I worry about being able to afford special occasions (such as Christmas, which will soon be upon us). With Aldi I don’t need to worry. I did a full weekly shop and bought some extra food for my grandson’s 1st birthday and the whole shop came to around £40.

I tend to use either Aldi in Sundon Park, Luton or Dunstable Town Centre. Both have a spacious car park whereby you can have several hours of parking for free. That’s ample time to do your weekly shop. Once in the store the items are clearly laid out and priced. My favourite aisles are the Specialbuys ones (which change twice weekly on a Thursday and Sunday), you can pick up some great bargains. The till staff are very fast and efficient. I love the way that there is a section for putting away the food you have purchased after going through the till. This vastly speeds up the process of queuing and paying at the till. Whenever I have approached staff with a query, they have been friendly and knowledgeable. They look like they are really enjoying their work.

Last week my shopping list consisted of:

Bread, spread, milk, grapes, chicken slices, pork pies, microwave burger, hot dog pizza, chicken kievs, whole roast chicken, stuffing, tinned sweetcorn, tinned processed peas, Yorkshire puddings, gravy, potatoes, plums, shower gel, toilet roll, peach squash, deodorant, mince beef, chips, ice cream, cheese, wraps, soft cheese, hot cross buns, jam, egg mayonnaise, cheese & onion sandwich filler, ham, multipack of crisps, potato wedges, Bolognaise sauce, cucumber, spring onions, frying steak, mushrooms and onions.

This provided meals for the week.

For breakfast I just have toast. For lunch I had a wrap with soft cheese.

For dinners I had:

Roast chicken dinner
Left over roast chicken and salad
Chicken Kiev and wedges
Chicken slice and pork pie
Spaghetti bolognaise
Steak, onion and mushrooms

Fridays are treat night and I give myself a budget of £10 for a take away.

For the 1st birthday food I made jam, egg, cheese & onion sandwiches & cut them into 4, for little hands. We had grapes as a healthy treat (sliced in half). The sandwich fillers went a long way and I had some left to use the rest of the week.

I love shopping at ALDI. It allows me to eat quality food but keep to my low budget. Special occasions don’t cost me the earth either. I am looking forward to seeing what Aldi have to offer in their festive range. I have also picked up a good number of their Specialbuys bargains during my weekly shops. Whilst I live on my own, friends and family members eat with me several times a week, making my around £40 spend even better value. Sometimes the meal is for 4 adults and a toddler.

5 out of 5 for quality, value and customer service.

Rating: 5/5

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