LittleLife Mickey Mouse Daysack Review


mickey-mouse-daysackMickey Mouse Daysack

Reviewed by Brian Grehan

The Mickey Mouse Daysacks from LittleLife are refreshingly different. They look comfortable and as the name implies they have a few purposes instead of restraining the inquisitive toddler. Yes they do carry out the job of keeping the little ones safe and prevent them from going too far away with the aid of reins and a top grab handle. But the Daysacks give them that little bit of freedom so they do not feel that they are restricted too much.

The other main purpose is that the toddler can carry things around with them in the sack. Like a favourite toy or even fresh nappies and wipes should little events occur while out and about.

Another great thing about the Mickey Mouse Daysack is that it looks fantastic. Of course it goes without saying that with the design and Mickey Mouse look to it our two toddlers love their Daysacks. In fact when we go out they put their little arms up to put them on.

A great safety feature of the Mickey Mouse Daysack, other than the reins and grab handle, is that inside the sack there is a label with name address and contact details should they wander and get lost. Whoever thought of that little thing is a genius as far as I’m concerned!

The Mickey Mouse Daysack is both practical and fun and our two wearers give it two thumbs and arms up!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £22.99

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