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Little Tikes Mighty Blasters Boom Blaster and Power Pack Review

Reviewed by Lauren O’Hara

My house is gun mad. With two little boys aged five and two and a half all they want to play with is guns. I tried for the longest time to discourage it but in the end gave in because there was no point. Everything got turned into a gun. They just love them! When given the opportunity to review the Little Tikes Mighty Blasters Boom Blaster and Power Packs I was really excited. The items are marketed as ‘My First Mighty Blaster’ so I thought they would be the perfect addition to my boys’ arsenal.

The Mighty Blasters Boom Blaster comes with three ‘Power Pods’ which is the ammunition that works with these guns. They are very soft balls and are great for indoor play. They each feature a different design. The Power Pods are easy to load into the blaster then all you have to do is pull the handle all the way back and let go! They shoot around 12 feet and they don’t hurt when they hit you like other products (and I have been shot with them all!). The Power Pack comes with a bandolier (a belt for holding ammunition – I had to look it up) and five Power Pods. The bandolier is adjustable and has Velcro so the Power Pods stick to it and don’t fall off. It is great for tidy up time as it gave us somewhere to store them. When the two products are bought together you get a total of eight Power Pods which I think is enough. Since they are pretty big and don’t shoot very far they are not easily lost. My boys have been playing with them for two days now and we still have all eight, which is a very rare thing!

My five-year-old was able to use this product independently straight away. My two and a half year old found it a bit harder. He knew what you needed to do however he was not strong enough to hold the gun and pull the handle all the way back. With my support he was able to enjoy the product as much as his big brother! The age recommendation is 3+ and I would say that’s about right. 

There are other products in the ‘My First Mighty Blaster’ range including a Mighty Bow and Dual Blaster. They are marketed as ‘more ways to save the day.’ I think this is a really cute way to market to children. Bring out the superhero in us all!

The Boom Blaster and Power Pack were packaged with eye catching colours and almost all the materials could be recycled. The back of the Boom Blaster also has a pop out monster target which was an added bonus. My son enjoyed shooting the monster to make him fall off the table. 

Both would also make a great addition to an Easter Basket or Easter gift. This is the new big thing. Kids no longer just want the Easter Bunny to bring chocolate eggs, but toys as well! These are priced perfectly at under £25 for both the Boom Blaster and Power Pack making it a great Easter gift idea.

I would give the Little Tikes Boom Blaster and the Power Pack 5/5 stars. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.99 (Boom Blaster) / £9.99 (Power Pack)

For more information or to buy, visit Also available to buy from Argos.

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