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CEWE Photoworld Classic Canvas Print Review

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Reviewed by Allison Bretherton

When my daughter got married last summer, I was thrown into the bewildering confusion of how I should reproduce the wedding photos. There are so many possibilities these days, the marketplace is full of options, including, mugs, cushions, calendars and many more. One of the most appealing choices is the canvas photo print, so I was delighted to be given the option of reviewing this product from CEWE Photoworld.

The CEWE website is welcoming and well organised, with clear menu options for all your photographic needs. The canvas prints can be ordered under the “Wall Art” section, which includes a myriad of other options.

Your canvas print can be from 20 x 20cm up to a huge 120 x 160cm. You can choose square, portrait or landscape for your layout. If you have a really large picture, you can even choose a multi-panel option, to create a really impressive piece of wall art for your home.

Once you have chosen the correct size and shape, all you have to do is upload a suitable photo and complete the order process. It was all very quick and easy, taking just under ten minutes for the whole purchase. The only thing I would say about ordering is: make sure your photograph is going to fit the canvas! (Take a good look at the examples on the website, so you can see exactly how the photo is wrapped around the frame.)

CEWE were very good with communications, I received an immediate e-mail acknowledgement of my order, with a separate invoice. Within a couple of days I had received confirmation of dispatch, and the order arrived soon afterwards (three days from ordering to delivery – pretty impressive!).

My print arrived in a sturdy cardboard sleeve, delivered by Royal Mail. Within the package was a heavy-duty polythene bag to protect the print.

The canvas print was exactly as I expected; I was impressed with the quality of the canvas (printed on high quality 340 gsm polycotton fabric) and the vibrancy of the colours (no worries about fading, as the fabric is “UV resistant and built to last”). The canvas is wrapped around a plywood frame and stapled at the back. A separate bag contains wooden wedges for tensioning, if required, and hooks for hanging. 

Overall, I was very pleased with the final version of my photograph; the canvas print gives a much warmer and cosier effect than a standard print, especially for family shots. I think it would also work well for landscape photos, if you wanted to turn your holiday snaps into long-lasting reminders of your latest adventure. So much better to have them on your wall instead of on your phone!

Whether you are a keen photographer who wants to display their best pieces, or just someone who wants to create a lovely family memento for a loved one, canvas photo prints offer a perfect way to capture memories.

A canvas photo print from CEWE offers a great way to revamp your home, an ideal gift choice for friends or family, and it is so easy to order and arrange delivery online.

Rating: 5/5     

Prices start from £12.99 (for 20 x 20cm)

For more information or to buy, visit cewe-photoworld.com.

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