Little Lamb Fitted Nappy And Wrap Trial Kit Review


Reviewed by Karen

Over the past week I’ve had the pleasure of trialling the Little Lamb fitted nappy and wrap kit trial kit. I had heard of Little Lamb when I asked a friend for cloth nappy advice during my last pregnancy but before I could do any research into them, I had been gifted a different brand so decided to give them a go. After this week I wish I’d investigated Little Lamb because I feel like I missed out. Mother’s Day’s just round the corner though so I’ll be dropping some hints to my husband.

My parcel arrived promptly, and I was instantly attracted to the wet/dry bag that held all of the items. The pattern was eye catching and as I’d never seen a wet/dry bag before I was intrigued how it worked. Inside my bag I had 1 fitted bamboo nappy and wrap, along with 3 onesize pocket nappies and a pack of reusable wipes. 

My initial thoughts when I saw the onesize pocket nappies was ‘wow that’s a lot of poppers!’. The poppers cover up the front of the nappy to reduce the length for smaller babies as well as around the waist for the varying sizes of different babies – perfect to get plenty of wear out of your nappies. Getting over my initial reaction I set about reading through the booklet that arrived with the nappies and popped them straight in for the first of three prewashing cycles, so they were them ready to be used. After a minor issuing of washing machine breaking and locking them inside, we were ready to roll. The nappies and booster all dried quickly in comparisons to my current all in one nappy which meant I could get up and running quickly despite my washing machine breaking down.   

I started with the one size pocket nappies. As my daughter is 11 months, I didn’t need to alter the length of the nappies as they fit perfectly. Working out the correct position at the waist was a little challenging to begin with, also not helped by a wiggling baby, but we got there in the end. The fleece lining is very soft, so you know it’ll be comfortable for baby to wear, plus they are easy to ‘stuff’ the bamboo boosters into. The designs on the outside of the nappy are delightful and eye catching, plus they also offer plain colours if patterns don’t work for you. In comparison to my current cloth nappies the Little Lamb pocket nappies are not as bulky and seem to fit better, plus we’ve not had any leakages which is brilliant. I had a slight red mark with the second nappy on the baby’s leg but I had not put the edge along the leg crease so once I ensured the placing was correct this didn’t occur again.

Next up was the nappy and wrap. I have to say I was a little reluctant to use this overnight because I didn’t want to mess around changing nappies in middle of the night. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it lasted the whole night without any leaks. They are easy to use with simple Velcro fastenings and a fleece liner to keep baby comfortable overnight. They did take longer to dry than the pocket nappies, but they are lot thicker so it’s understandable.

I’ve really enjoyed trialling the products this week and I am already planning the ones I want to purchase to add to our collection. I think if I had started my cloth nappy journey using Little Lamb nappies, instead of the current brand I use, I would have got into the swing of cloth nappies quicker. At present I cloth roughly 40% of the time but this week has shown me I can increase this without having to wait hours for nappies to dry or suffer from leakages throughout the day or night. Little Lamb are similar in price to other brands on the market, but they really stood out to me this week, so much so that I think they may even convert my husband who is very reluctant to use reusable nappies. I have been dropping subtle hints that I would like some as a Mother’s Day gift later this month, let’s see if he has being paying attention!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £42.34 (was £60.49)

This product can be purchased from Little Lamb here.

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