Little Cooks Co Review


Reviewed by Lindsay Burton

This monthly subscription includes hours of healthy cooking fun for children in one happy little box which includes, all the dry organic ingredients to cook healthy, tasty bakes, easy to follow recipes with step-by-step instruction, additional child-friendly recipes for family meals, collectible stickers, table talk cards to spark fun and laughter at the dinner table and fun activities, games and extras!!

Our first kit included an annual record book so that my little cook can record her fun, learning and stickers.
Every 3 months my little cook will progress to a new level, earning a badge and certificate at each stage. A very special gift awaits my little cook when she completes her whole record book! The website doesn’t make it very clear that Your Little Cooks Co box ONLY contains all the dry ingredients you need to make the recipe, which stands to reason as it’s posted, but I had to go out and purchase quite a few items in order to make both Carrot Cake and Carrot and Potato Cake recipes. The website states that you will receive an email before your box is shipped to let you know the additional ingredients that are required. Hopefully this gives you enough notice, but if there is something you can’t get hold of just email them at and they will help you find an alternative. Each recipe card is easy to follow with the main details and allergens on the front and cooking instructions on the back. My little girl and I got busy making these treats and apart from all the peeling, she managed to get on with most of the instructions independently. I assisted with all the areas that involved heat. Once completed, we had a taster test and all three my children thoroughly enjoyed the carrot cake but found the carrot and potato cakes were not to their liking. I enjoyed both but found the carrot and potato cakes a bit like Marmite….you either hate it or love it. She also received some craft instructions to make her own light up lantern (again, only wax paper has been included and I had to supply cellotape, tea light, leaves and crayons. Granted some of these items would be in your house if you have children but some very well may not be).

The story behind Little Cookstars is a familiar one where the goal was to help families make healthy choices for their children and themselves and remind them that nutritious food doesn’t have to be boring! They feel that it is more importantly, about the time spent with your little cooks, creating those happy memories in the kitchen that will stay with them for life.

My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the baking and crafting, we got to spend some quality time together doing stuff we love! As an adult I was slightly disappointed as the box was apparently a Halloween themed box but part from the light up lantern, nothing else included the theme at all. I could imagine the fun one could have with putting the content together as I work on education (and I absolutely adore baking with my kids at school too) so this was a slight let down. But I would look forward to see if the contents changed from month to month and allowed more imaginations to run free.



This product can be purchased from Little Cooks Co. here.

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