Lindam White Hot Safety SunBlock Shade Review


LindamWhiteHotSunBlockWhite Hot Safety SunBlock Shade

Reviewed by Hannah Abbott

I’ve spent pretty much the last week putting the Lindam SunBlock through its paces and my two year old toddler has done his best to make sure it’s child friendly.

It’s not long since my toddler realised he could pull off the sun shades that have one sucker in the centre and he has completely demolished a couple since. He was so frustrated when I put the Lindam SunBlock up because he couldn’t pull it down.

The Lindam SunBlock has two suckers on the top and you pull it to the desired length and two more suckers attach it to the window at the bottom. If you pull it too far there is a button you can press that winds the shade back up as much or as little as you want.

Unfortunately, it only took two days for him to pull the shade off at the bottom. On the plus side the design and placement of the suckers meant that although he pulled it off at the bottom it was still firmly held in place by the top two suckers meaning a lot less hassle for me.

One of the key features of the Lindam SunBlock is the temperature spot in the centre along the bottom seam. When the car is considered too hot for a toddler the spot changes colour to white and reveals red lettering to say it’s too HOT. I’m not sure whether we consider the temperature differently to Lindam but in our week in Wales if we had followed the advice of the sunshade the only time we could have used the car was in the middle of the night. It seemed to frequently be white and showing HOT when the car felt a perfectly reasonable temperature. We tried to reduce the temperature of the car by using air conditioning and we tried on separate occasions to drive with the windows down but nothing we did let the sunblock think it was cool enough for our toddler.

As a sunblock I can’t fault the Lindam White Hot Safety SunBlock but we have had to start ignoring the white hot indicator and just stick to using our own judgement.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £10.49 (2 pack)

Available to buy from Lindam here.

4 Star

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