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PlanToysMonkeyBowlingMonkey Bowling
Plan Toys

Reviewed by Sally Ellis

Plan Toys Monkey Bowling is an adorable set of wooden carved bowling pins and ball. It consists of a set of 5 pins, 3 smaller monkeys and 2 larger ones, each with three coloured stripes across the middle. This added to the game-play, with my son aiming for each colour in turn and celebrating when he knocked-down the blue monkey or the yellow monkey etc… We decided that the two large ones were Mummy and Daddy and the small ones were their children – a family of monkeys! Each one has tiny string ears and string arms placed in different positions, as if they are scratching their heads or under their arms, which gives them all character and also doubles as a kind of handle to pick them up by.

The ball also has a monkey face etched on it, which made it much funnier according to my son, throwing a monkey ball at other monkeys is just plain silly! This set is quite simply more enjoyable and stimulating than any straight-forward plain bowling set. My son was thoroughly engaged and being creative with the game itself, playing in various ways and using his imagination.

Monkey Bowling is very traditional set, beautifully designed, hard-wearing and thoroughly entertaining. I have to say that what I loved the most was the satisfying sound of the wooden ball hitting the pins – a throw-back to original bowling games played in local clubs.

The retail price in the UK varies depending on the outlet, with Great Gizmos selling it at £25.95 with free delivery. Nonetheless, for such a quality product and such an original design, I would highly recommend this set, particularly as it is a classic toy with so many opportunities for improving motor skills, imaginative play, taking turns with other children etc… In a word, perfect.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Price: £25.95

Available to buy from Great Gizmos here.


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