Retouch Power Kissable Mobile Charger Review

Reviewed by Gemma Brunt

I am a self-confessed mobile phone addict, I use mine for everything – playing music, taking pictures, reading… you get the picture, which generally means by lunch time I have a dead phone, so I was extremely pleased to have the opportunity to try out the “Retouch Kissable battery charger” – for smartphones and tablets.

The Retouch Kissable battery charger is 2600m-Ah battery charger which promises a quick charge, this product is designed to appeal to women as it is shaped like a lipstick. Along with the charging unit there is also a little micro USB cable.

The device requires charging before use, which took 2 hours of the 2-3 hours I was informed it would take, this can be done by attaching the micro-USB cable into a USB port or plugging into a USB port adapter and charging from the mains (which is the option I chose). On the side of the unit there is a tiny LED light which will blink while the unit is charging and then stay lit when fully charged. The same light will also tell you how much power is left in the unit – Blue = 70-100% charge, purple = 35-70% charge, red = 0-35% charge.


On the first day I was trialling the “Kissable” unit, I ran my phone battery to zero so I would be able to see how quick the “quick charge” would actually be. Within 2 hours I had a fully charged phone battery, even though I was still using it while it was charging.

The Kissable unit isn’t as bulky as some of the other products on the market, roughly twice the size of a regular lipstick, and it easily fit into my small “going out” bag.

Size comparison to standard lipstick

My one issue with this product was the size of the micro USB cable, Though I understand that it is small so the charging unit isn’t dangling from the phone, it was a bit of a nightmare to find in a bag and could easily be misplaced, a clip on the device or a slightly larger lid in which it could have been stored would have been useful. However this was my only issue and a minor one at that.

That being said the Kissable unit in my opinion is a high quality device and I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone, be they phone addicts like myself or just regular users as the peace of mind of knowing that I didn’t have to be near a plug socket or use my phone while attached to the wall was fabulous.


Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

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