Lifelong Movements Review

Reviewed by Jennifer Edwards

21 simple movements to keep you forever healthy & fit for the activities of daily life

As a mother of two girls who struggles with her weight and wants to create healthier habits in her children, I was happy to be offered the chance to review Lifelong Movements, as it seemed like a great starting point for me.

When the book arrived, I sat down to have a look at it. The books cover was attractive, and decorated with images of the characters who are in the book. It begins with a brief introduction into why exercise is important, and then a quick rundown of the ideas and research that went into creating the book. The characters in the book appear to be a family of apes, one of whom is Snowflake the Fitness Guru, who is an albino gorilla. The idea behind the book is to show children (and their parents) a set of simple movements that we use in everyday life, and how these can actually be used as simple workouts to enable you to get fit and healthy. Features a series of 21 simple exercises taking just 21 minutes a day.

Each exercise is explained over 3 pages. The first page depicts one of the family members performing the exercise in a situation that would occur in everyday life, with a small explanation of what the exercise is and why it is important. The next page has Snowflake’s Tips, and has a list of bullet points with helpful pointers to help you do each exercise correctly, below that is some information about the amount of sets and repetitions. The final page for each exercise contains an illustration of Snowflake the gorilla demonstrating how to properly perform the exercise.

21 Lifelong Movements retails for around £8.00 and can be purchased from, or for more information go to

All in all, I think this is a great little book, that is fun and useful for the whole family, and I can see us getting a lot of use out of it. I will definitely be recommending it!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £8

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