LEGOLAND Windsor 2019 Review


Reviewed by Sarah Bryan

Everything really is awesome at LEGOLAND Windsor!

A superb spellbinding day awaits you this Halloween at LEGOLAND. It’s jam crammed with spooky things to spot and sensational treats and tricks to keep the whole family entertained until dusk….

LEGOLAND Windsor runs like a well-oiled machine and the logistics of queue management are kept so slick and professional that when it comes to ensuring their visitors have the best experience possible, the staff at the park have got it right.

As the queue started to build at the Ticket Office, a member of staff seamlessly adjusted the cordon belts to increase efficiency.

As a LEGO character made an appearance and kids gathered around desperate to meet them, staff helped to organise the meet and greet to make sure everyone got their moment with their hero all the while keeping an eye on the time and letting the crowd know how long left before the character leaves.

At this very popular attraction located in Windsor, Berkshire; the staff are on the ball, bright, proactive and friendly.

We’ve been to LEGOLAND a fair few times before and today we tasted something that completely revolutionised our experience of LEGOLAND; the wonder that is the Q-Bot. Yes it’s not cheap and it does add a further cost to your day out but the Q-Bot comes in a variety of levels and if you can stretch to it then I 100% recommend that you pop into the Q-Bot Office next to the Ticket Office and get your mobile hooked up to the super easy to use website and then as if by magic, you have at your fingertips the ability to reserve your spot in the ride queue and if you opt for the Q-Bot Express you essentially half your queue time. It’s priceless for a seamless stress free and pretty much queue free day. There is a bit of a pull to your moral compass as you wander up to the front of the exclusive Q-Bot gate rather than join the queue of regular thrill seekers but the staff have a methodical way of keeping it all as fair as possible.

During Halloween season at LEGOLAND; they have “Brick or Treat” running which is a programme of exciting extras. Some of our favourite things that we recommend trying are:

“Haunted House Monster Party Ride” – this is a super spooky spectacle of a building both inside and out and guarantees to have your family screaming with laughter as Lord Vampyre unveils his party trick in this exciting immersive experience.

“The Enchanted Forest” – take a walk through the trees and marvel at the abundance of pumpkins, autumnal displays and glowing potion pots as you are led to a variety of covered gazebos offering an array of creative delights; prepare to be blown away by the Mosaic and join in to add your own unique section.

Other Brick or Treat specials include getting your groove on at Monster Rockers Dance Party, entering the spooky fancy dress competition and completing the Brick or Treat Trail to earn a party bag!

There is also all the usual wonderment that LEGOLAND offers to squeeze into your day. Our 5-year-old loved watching the LEGO City Friends perform in Heartlake City and the doughnuts we had from the Ice Cream Parlour were delicious!

We especially loved Ninjago – a first for us and clearly one of the most popular rides on the park; we saw a queue wait time of 60 mins at one point so if this is on your to do list, get there early! (or get a Q-Bot!) It’s a fantastically fast paced quick fire ride that will have you chopping all your enemies and racking up your score to beat your friends. Us grown-ups loved it as did our 5-year-old but it was too loud for our 3 year old who hid under my coat.

Our 3-year-old was however very happy with Duplo Valley, Fairy Tale Brook, Balloon School and the Atlantis Submarine Voyager which she is still asking to go back on….

What I love about LEGOLAND is as well as all the various rides and attractions, there are lots of outdoor spaces, fantastic play areas and splash zones, Miniland and of course endless opportunities to free play with LEGO which is simply a wonderfully absorbing creative thing for all ages. You truly need a couple of days at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort to experience what it has to offer in its fullness and that’s why the hotel stays are so popular. The hotels are also visible upon entry and within the park and our children asked us at least 7 times if we could please come back another time and stay in the hotel (which we really will look into).

Considering it’s almost the end of the main season for LEGOLAND, the entire site looked as bright bold and shiny as ever. The facilities are plentiful and well stocked and clean and there are lots of bins around the site. I was particularly pleased to spot a Factor 50 Suncream dispenser situated within the Kingdom of the Pharaohs. This is the first time I have seen this anywhere at a UK attraction and I applaud LEGOLAND Windsor in leading the way with offering this. They are also hot on Water Refill points.

Within Heartlake City we found “Total Sensory Space” – a dedicated wonderful area for children with additional needs. It’s full of sensory play and is a beautiful space for when things get overwhelming.

We spent the whole day at LEGOLAND Windsor leaving at 6pm closing. It was very special to be there in the dark with all the rides illuminated and was an exciting treat for the children.

There is still time to book for the Fireworks Spectacular on 1st and 2nd November before the park then closes for a few weeks before reopening again with “Santa’s Sleepovers” on the 29th November.

This family attraction deserves a 5 plus star rating and is cream of the crop when it comes to days out.

Rating: 5/5

Tickets cost from £36 per person (if booked online in advance).

For more information or to book tickets online visit

LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, Winkfield Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 4AY

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