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LeapFrog Mobile Med Kit Review

LeapfrogMobileMedKitLeapfrog Mobile Med Kit

Reviewed by Sarah Woodhead
with Toy Tester Twin Boys (34 months)

First of this is the most difficult packaging to get into. It took me quite a while to get into to the item through all the cardboard and cable ties


Inside the box, which it says is suitable for age 2-3 years, you get a sturdy plastic bag shaped ambulance with wheels which houses some medical equipment – a Stethoscope, Otoscope, thermometer (this twists onto hot and cold images neither twin has mastered this), syringe (which squeaks) and a Parent Guide. The box boasts that the toy has a British accent and have various medical phrases and words, I really hate the voice it puts me off getting the toy out as it just irritates me. The volume comes in high and low I prefer low the boys high a medium would make parents happier. Although it is a rather sweet toy I don’t think it has the characteristics to become a firm favourite in our household.

The idea behind the toys is introducing as many ways to play with one toy as possible. This isn’t just a medical kit, you have at least 3 ways to play – Siren Play where by pressing the Siren and there are medical related chatter you get sound effects, and then the toys plays a version of Head shoulder knees and toes. Rolling Play by pushing the car then there are 7 tasks in this mode. There is plenty of talking and sound from the toy teaching kids the colours of medical tools and how to use them and other simple phrases. Role play, using the instruments to play Dr’s and the ambulance as your medical bag.

Twin 2 likes to push the car and press the siren. Neither of my boys followed the instruction when playing they just seemed to think pushing the light or pushing it about. Twin 1 repeated some of the phrases where as twin 2 copied the sounds.

Twin 1 likes the medical instruments more than his twin he’s happy to play with them got rather upset that twin 2 doesn’t want to be a patient and that leaves it to me and various other toy characters. His biggest frustration is that the length of the stethoscope is not long enough for him.


All in all it’s a nice little toy and it is well made and it will definitely gets played with it has plenty going on and most of all the kids enjoy it.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £17.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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