Leanlix Lickable Dog Treat Review


Reviewed by Victoria Moore,
with Alfie our rescue Border Collie

Leanix is a low calorie, lickable solid dog treat that is gluten and fat free. It comes in 10 flavours and in 2 sizes for big or small dogs. Each treat has up to 5000 licks and as it is low calorie, it helps prevent obesity and is a great tool for training your dog without them getting fat. So we were happy to try it out with the help of Alfie, our rescue Border Collie.

If you own or know someone who owns a Border Collie you will know they are loveably bonkers but can scare easily.

This can include pretty much anything, a squirrel, a balloon, a towel wrapped around your hair, and sometimes he is sure you’ve switched his dinner bowl – well sure until you stand with him and spoon feed him the first few mouthfuls of dinner. So introducing new things can be either a complete disaster or complete success. The Leanlix with cheese he tried, I’m pleased to say, was the latter.

Quick to unwrap by which time he was already sitting and shuffling as close as possible to see what I had, once open his tail was wagging and his adoring expression was on. I think the thing to note is that most dogs don’t automatically lick something (unless it’s a spoon with cake mix on) so I spent a short while gently encouraging him to not try and take the Leanlix out of my hand to chew and eventually he got the hang of it.

Next we tried it on a walk. Border Collie’s are renowned for being easy to train and after a few weeks ours was walking nicely and waiting at the side of the road before crossing, I know that this isn’t the case for most canine pals and know plenty of folk who’ve done every puppy class they could find, to still have a dog who does his own thing. This is where I think the Leanlix has the edge, especially with road safety as positive reinforcement has been shown to have good results. Having something that can be attached to the top of the lead, or cleanly kept in a pocket ready to treat a sitting pooch or a pooch who’s just come back when called, without getting a pocket full of doggie chocolate drops or meaty treats is great and it didn’t have an overpowering smell as some treats tend to.

It’s easy to wind on and is a jelly type substance. I’d recommend storing it with dog food as now Alfie knows what it is in the tube, if left by the door with his lead it wouldn’t take him long to chew off the top and devour the lot.

It’s packaged in an easy to carry design and my fears of losing it as the ties are on the lid rather than the product were eluded, the lid stayed firmly attached throughout the walk.

I’d recommend Leanlix to dog owners, especially for training and even if you have the world’s best behaved dog, seeing them try to lick it is a bit of a giggle.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £2.95 to £15.95

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