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rijo42 Uno Capsule Coffee Machine Gift Pack Review

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Coffee machines are a necessity for coffee lovers all over the world and in recent years they have gone from being huge worktop hogging monstrosities to sleek and funky compact designs like the rijo42 Uno Capsule Coffee Machine.

I have to admit I was very excited when I was recently asked to review the machine as I love coffee and would happily drink it all day and night if I could!

Soon enough a rather cheerful courier rang my door bell and delivered a huge box with the rijo42 logo on and I immediately guessed what it was and a huge smile spread over my face.

I carefully opened that box and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of equipment and accessories it contained. I placed the compact and rather beautiful looking device onto my kitchen worktop and read the instructions before I plugged it in as I have only ever had a percolator type machine before so was completely new to the world of coffee capsules.

After reading I had a good look at the machine, milk frother, capsule boxes and cute looking mugs, espresso cups and saucers and immediately loved it all!

I must admit I was slightly confused by the machine at first as it made a rather loud sound to begin with but a quick email to rijo42 soon helped, thank you Matthew!

I followed each instruction and filled the water tank and placed a red capsule into the slot and then it was show time!!!

In no time at all thick dark delicious smelling coffee was filling my gorgeous rijo42 coffee cup and the aroma filled the kitchen. I really couldn’t wait to sample the coffee and happily frothed my milk with the milk frother whilst the coffee poured.

I found the milk frother so easy to use and the end result was exactly like you would get in a coffee shop but the best part was it was all done without even having to step out of my front door!

Once the cup was full I switched the machine off, poured in my milk, sat down and enjoyed my piping hot coffee and can honestly say it was divine and really satisfied my coffee craving.

The blend was perfect for me as it was strong and the coffee flavour out of this world. I actually preferred it to my usual coffee shop coffee which is brilliant as the capsules can be ordered online at www.rijo42shop.co.uk  and will be delivered straight to my door so no more going out into the cold for a coffee fix!

The machine itself is so sleek and modern looking and really looked fabulous in my kitchen with its slate tiles and work tops and it took up minimal space which is good as my kitchen isn’t the biggest!

Once I had finished my coffee I lifted the silver handle as instructed and the capsule dropped into the waste capsule container cleverly hidden within the machine and is easy to remover for emptying and cleaning, the waste container holds up to 12 used capsules so less trips to the bin!

Having children in the house, safety is a big priority of mine and I loved the fact that the on/off switch was on the side of the machine meaning it can be placed against a wall and safe from little fingers. The anti-drip system was also a bonus as many a time I have used my old percolator and burnt myself whilst removing my cup.

The water tank has a rather impressive 1 litre capacity meaning you won’t have to fill it every time you fancy a coffee unless you really are a big coffee drinker and the simple one button start/stop system really does make this a wonderful coffee machine.

Cleaning the Uno was easy, effortless and took no time at all which is great as older style machines take a while to flush out any coffee beans left behind and the capsule system really is genius as there is no mess and they end up in a waste container.

I really cannot fault this remarkable piece of must have coffee greatness and have found myself browsing the other capsule flavours several times since it arrived.

In my opinion the rijo42 Uno Capsule Coffee Machine is excellent value for money as you get so much included in the box, it’s stylish, compact and best of all gives you amazing coffee!


Gift pack includes:
rijo42 Uno Capsule Coffee Machine
rijo42 Milk Frother
1 x rijo42 Red Coffee Capsules
1 x rijo42 Black Coffee Capsules
2 x rijo42 Espresso Cup & Saucer
2 x rijo42 Cappuccino Cup & Saucer

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £198 (Gift Pack), £118.80 (rijo42 Uno Capsule Coffee Machine)

For more information or to buy visit www.rijo42shop.co.uk.


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