Lawless Review



Reviewed by Delphi Ellis

Starring: Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Guy Pearce, Jason Clarke
Directed by: John Hillcoat
Rated: 18
Running time: 115 minutes

It's the year 1931 in Franklin, Virginia and the Bondurant brothers Jack (Shia LaBeouf), Howard (Jason Clarke) and Forrest (Tom Hardy) have found a way to make some serious money. Prohibition has created a demand, and the Bondurant’s have the supply in the form of a secret Moonshine Distillery.  That is until the frightening character that is Special Deputy Rakes (Guy Pearce) visits the town to restore law and his version of justice. The brothers, who believe they are untouchable, increase both their sales and supply whilst taking huge risks, playing a dangerous game as Rakes.  

Can the distillery keep the boys in business for long without them being killed?

Based on a true story this film is violent and dark in many places, with implied rape scenes. It's not for the faint hearted but tells the story with true to form class acting from Hardy and Labeouf carrying it off.

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