Lansinoh mOmma Warm Plate Review

mOmma Warm Plate

Reviewed by Veronika Royale

Having been a great fan of Lansinoh beforehand, I was very excited that I was sent a mOmma Warm Plate. We were about to go on holiday which gave me the ideal opportunity to try it out.

The packaging is nice and bright and gives a clear indication on how to use the product.

It has a rubbery plug on the top to fill its base with hot water, which then warms the food and keeps it warm. For me that saved a trip to the microwave! With Faye being fussy over the food temperature this was a heaven sent! The plug itself is very secure and did not leak. Although you need to practise a little to fill it, as the hole is rather small. I used a jug which did the trick and saved me from spilling too much water.

The plate itself has two separate compartments so I could try two different tastes for my girls. Often that was a vegetable and baby rice.

The plate is straightforward to clean and is nice and bulky. It also has a non-slip base and cannot easily be swiped off the table, although 4 hands did give it a good try! I have to admit though, that I dropped it once or twice, yet it didn't dent! For me that's a sign of a good quality product.

Then my 3 year old son discovered it and found it to be the ideal dish for his scrambled eggs, toast and ketchup as suddenly he was in control over where the ketchup went!

I have to say: for me this is value for money! Ideal for babies who like their food warm and also great for toddlers and serving different finger food.

The downside is though, that due to its size it makes it awkward to store with the other plates, so it has to sit on the bottom of the pile. It is also quite big to take out when we're out and about. When I was out I still used it but carried a flask with hot water to warm the plate up. That made it rather bulky and heavy and awkward to empty the water afterwards.

The plates come in different colours. So far I've seen orange and green and Lansinoh has continued development with further matching weaning products. I am convinced by this plate and would recommend the plate to parents and carers of small babies when starting to wean.

I'd give this the following rating;
Value for money: 5/5
Ideal for weaning: 5/5
Suitable for when out and about: 4/5

Overall rating: 4½/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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