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Kimm & Miller RHS Endorsed Cupcake Stand Review

Reviewed by Karlie Odziemski

I love to bake and recently received a Kimm & Miller RHS endorsed (Royal Horticultural Society) cupcake stand with cake mix and cake cases. The RHS is a gardening charity with four gardens based around the world and a fifth one to be coming in 2020.

In the beautifully designed box, decorated with birds and flowers, you get a 10 inch glass plate and the metal pole that goes in the middle, you also get vanilla fairy cake mixture and pretty paper cake cases.

Once assembled, the cupcake stand looks good, but to me I just think that it didn’t look complete as it has the rubber stops for two plates on the central pole, but only comes with the base plate, maybe this is something that can be added at a later date. The plate itself is made of very tough glass, so could possibly withstand a fall, or a rough wash.

This stand will be ok if just used for one or two people, maybe for afternoon tea, but couldn’t hold more than 6 cupcakes, and less if the treats were bigger.

The cupcake mix that was in the box is not hard to make, just had to add some eggs, oil and water and then put it in the cases and cook for 15 minutes, and once they were done and cooled down they were very sweet and all my family liked them.

On the Kimm & Miller website they have many other brands, like Costa Coffee, Hairy Bikers, Emoji, Me To You, Nando’s, National Trust and many more to choose from but on their page I think you will have to either give them a call or email them if you have any enquiries about their products as you cannot buy direct.

On the RHS website it shows that you can get a membership to get access to all their partner gardens and savings on tickets for RHS shows, and you can also get gardening advice. Their membership plans come in different packs, like an individual plan is £47.25. You can also get a joint membership for £69.00 and finally the last membership is a one year gift for anyone in your family you would like to surprise which is £63.00.

Overall, this RHS endorsed cupcake stand is very good quality. It would make a good Christmas gift to give someone who loves baking or someone that loves to be in the garden making all their own fruit and veg and flowers and wants to support the RHS. All the profits the RHS make they put back into their gardens so they have more beautiful flowers to look at when you are walking around one of their gardens.

With this lovely cake stand I now have somewhere to display my baking skills, and it will be a nice add to the table for when I have an afternoon tea with friends and family.

I would give this cake stand 4 stars because I think that it should have a middle shelf.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £14.99

Available to buy from www.studio.co.uk.

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