Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Review

Kids Stuff Crazy Soap

Reviewed by Karina Daniels

I was sent a range of Kids Stuff Crazy Soap bath products to review. The packages were very colourful, eye-catching and definitely would catch any child’s eye.

The range included some bath body paint, bath time fun soap which was in a squirty can, coloured bubble bath (all available in a choice of colours) and some bath time goo which was green. Specially formulated for children with a fruity scent and are mild on the skin.

I have a ten year old and a one year old and to be honest I did not think my ten year old would be interested in using them. When I received the package and she caught glimpse of the bright coloured packaging she wanted to have a bath straight away, this is a result as my ten year old is reluctant to having baths.

Both my children enjoyed the squirty soap but to be honest most of it was wasted as they thought it was fun to just continually squirt it everywhere. It did the job and cleaned my children well, it also had a lovely smell to it.

The bath goo was as expected, a big jar of goo but with a bonus it also turned into soap which helped clean the kids. Great product to encourage kids to have a bath.

The bubble bath was lovely, it had a purple/pink colour and created lots of bubbles (another good product). The bath time body paint went down a storm, my daughter loved it and so did my son. I was a bit reluctant to use it at first but checked the ingredients on the website and all was well.

Overall all products were really well packaged and the content was great, I have happy clean children and these products really encourage them to get in the bath.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy in Tesco, Boots and other stockists. For more information or where to buy visit

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