Kids Bathtime Zingy Orange Hair and Body Wash Review


ZingyBodyWashKids Bathtime Zingy Orange
Hair & Body Wash

Reviewed by Kerry Wilcox

Well hello, my name is Kerry and I have six children, 2 being twins. So, I have got Halos n Horns Kids Bathtime Zingy Orange Hair & Body Wash. It claims to be very child friendly, kind to skin, no tears, no added extras, no animal testing and best bit! You can either use it bubble bath style or body and hair!! We like that in our house!

Well I’m in love with the bottle, simple but fresh with quirky and cool!

On opening, the liquid is orange and smells amazing! It’s easy to pour like it says but is real thick so not too much needed! Yes, we finally have a product that you don’t need the whole bottle.

What can I say without this company thinking I’m head over heals in love with the product. Lol! It’s amazing, the kids love the bubbles, the smell is orangey but not overly done. My baby boy didn’t cry getting his hair done, even the slightest annoyance in his eyes and he screams. After washing and drying there is still a lovely fresh clean orange aroma.

Overall my children are spotless, they smell edible, they had fun, I didn’t use too much so plenty left and its kind to the environment! Can’t wait to buy these products in the shop.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £3.05

Available to buy online from Halos n Horn here.


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