KiddieBike Review



Reviewed by Kerstie Wright

The Kiddi Bike arrived last week much to the delight of my two boys, aged three and four and a half, who thought that Christmas had come early!  The kiddibike wasn’t exactly what I had expected, it’s not a bike as it doesn’t have pedals and it isn’t a balance bike as it’s got three wheels, but it really works.  At first I was worried as it didn’t seem that stable but the boys soon got the hang of it. If you buy this for your child it’s not a first ride on toy and they definitely must be stable on their feet but it will really help with their balance. It’s extremely lightweight and doesn’t take up much room so it’s perfect for popping in the car and it’s good value too starting at £24.99. We’ve only test driven it in the house given the rubbish English weather but I think it would be equally as good outside too. My only criticism is that the front wheel turns through 360 degrees and ends up tipping whoever’s on it off, much to the delight though of the other one who uses it as an opportunity to steel it away!! Clearly with the motorbike style and associated stickers my boys love it – I only wish I had two to avoid the constant fights over it!

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