Jumbo Games Catch the Mouse Review


Reviewed by Linda Curtain

With the start of the summer school holidays, I was pleased to receive a new board game from Jumbo Games. Having four young grandchildren, I knew this game would be great for them – an ideal way to have some quiet play during the chaos of the holidays!

The game I received was one of four new games that have recently been produced by Jumbo as part of their 100% recycled range.

The Royal Jumbo group – which has its headquarters in the Netherlands along with offices in Belgium, Germany and the UK – is a well-recognised name in the field of games, puzzles and toys. This new range is an exciting product for the company as the games are made from 100% recycled materials. By transforming paper, shampoo bottles and discarded wrapping paper into these brilliant games, Jumbo is playing a great part towards a cleaner world for us all.

Catch the Mouse, which I received, seemed very similar to a game I remembered from my childhood – Mousie, Mousie – but the finish and design of this game was much superior to the plastic game I remember! The box is very eye catching with a very hungry looking grey cat trying to catch one of the very colourful four mice.

On opening the sturdy box (great to see a box which will withstand children’s eager hands!), I looked for the instructions. I was a bit disappointed to discover that you have to go on-line to access them! It was explained that the reason for this is to save paper and make the game more energy efficient – a great concept but disappointing if the game is initially used in an area without internet access like on holiday.

Once we accessed the instructions, the game was very easy to understand. Basically, the cat’s paw (belonging to a cat named Lightning) tries to catch the mice which are feasting on the cheese on the plate. A throw of the dice – which is constructed by folding the enclosed cardboard template – determines if the paw is to fall onto the mice or not. The players have to try to pull the mice away from the plate before the claw falls or the person controlling the paw will get a point. After five drops of the claw, control of the claw passes to the next player who becomes Lightning Claw. Totals are kept and the winner is the one who catches the most mice when everybody has has a turn as Lightening.

This is a very simple but fun game which was enjoyed by all the grandchildren whose ages ranged from two to nine. It is a game of quick reactions and simple enough for all family members to join in. The game is extremely sturdy with a strong, well-constructed claw and four very brightly coloured mice with long tails. The cardboard elements are very strong and hardwearing to withstand little hands!

This game is ideal for holiday play – the small, compact size of the box makes it easy to take away on holiday with you. Just remember to check out the instructions first though in case you do not have WiFi at your holiday destination!

A great, fun game to which I would give a 4* rating.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £12.99

For more information visit www.jumbo.eu. Available to buy from Amazon here.

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