Journey to Middle Earth with LEGO

Journey to Middle Earth with LEGO

Join heroic hobbit, Frodo Baggins, and his friends on their epic adventure across Middle Earth with the all NEW LEGO Lord of the Rings sets

Travel from idyllic hobbiton to deepest, darkest Mordor via the abandoned Mines of Moria and many other iconic landmarks of Middle Earth, with the all NEW LEGO Lord of the Rings range in store from 1stAugust.  Battle the evil Sauron and his sidekick Saruman along the way and help brave Frodo Baggins and the heroic Fellowship on their quest to protect The One Ring.  Recreate your favourite scenes from the fantastical triology and collect the whole gang – each set features exclusive characters including Gandalf the Grey™, Legolas and Gollum.

It’s time to party.  Join wise wizard, Gandalf the Grey™, who is arriving in the shire for Bilbo Baggins’ 111thbirthday.  Frodo is there too and Gandalf’s little wagon, pulled by his trusty steed, is filled with fireworks for a party to remember – this is where the adventure begins.  Gandalf Arrives(#9469, rrp £11.99)


Help save Frodo.  Everyone’s favourite hobbit is under attack from the big evil spider, Shelob.  Sneaky Gollum has led him though the tunnel to Mordor and tricked him in to the ancient arachnid’s lair.  Frodo’s brave best friend, Sam, has come to the rescue with his Elven sword but Gollum is hiding, waiting to catapult himself on to the two hobbits and finally reclaim the ring.  Shelob Attacks (#9470, rrp £19.99)


The fight is on! The Uruk-hai™’s are attacking the Rohan™ Soldiers at their last refuge of Helm’s Deep™.  Help courageous Eomeron on his horse to defend the keep against the Uruk-hai™’s ballista, a big hook shooter which is crushing the ancient fortress and use the small catapult on the wall to fight back!  Combine with Attack at Helm’s Deep(#9474), and collect many Uruk-hai™’s to form the great army that attacks the citadel.  Uruk-haiArmy (#9471, rrp £29.99)


Face down the Ringwraiths. The chilling Ringwraiths™ are attacking Frodo and the hobbits at the old watch tower, Weathertop, but ranger and future king, Aragorn, comes to the rescue!  Recreate this famous scene from The Fellowship of the Rings when the foolish hobbits start a fire to cook bacon and eggs attracting the attention of the Ringwraiths!  Find the hidden weapon rack, spring the trapdoor and stop the evil servants of Sauron from taking The One Ring. Attack on Weathertop(#9472, rrp £49.99)



Join the battle.  The heroic Fellowship is passing through the deep and dark abandoned Mines of Moria™when mischievous Hobbit, Pippin, who can’t keep his fingers to himself, accidently knocks the skeleton of a dead dwarf down a well, thereby starting an alarming noise that brings all the Goblins and Orcs as well as the ugly Cave troll to Balin´s Tomb! Can you help them escape the mines unhurt!  The Mines of Moria(#9473, rrp £69.99)


Attack Attack! The great battle between men, dwarves and elves against the dark army of Isengaard and Mordor at Helm’s Deep™is on!  All hope seems lost but wait, here come the elves to help the Rohan people against the 10,000 strong Uruk Hais attacking.  Prevent the Berserker Uruk-hai from blowing up the wall.  Stop the enemy from climbing the siege ladder and breaching the Helm’s Deepouter ring.  Sound the horn of Helm Hammerhand to commence battle and defend the city!  Build the fortress even bigger by combining with theUruk-hai™Army (#9471).  The Battle of Helm’s Deep(#9474, rrp £99.99)


No rest for the wicked! Evil white wizard, Saruman, is building his army below his tower, Orthanc.  Deep underground, the Orcs work on the smidge and forge Uruk Hais in the mud for the dark army of Isengaard™.  Leader of the army, Lurtz, is working alongside his Uruk-hai dressed in helmets and shields bearing the white hand of Saruman.  Work the crane, stoke the fireplace and hoist the winch and slide the metal in to the smelting pots to make weapons.  The Orc Forge (#9476, rrp £39.99)

The LEGO Lord of the Rings range is suitable for boys aged 5 – 12 years and available in all good toy stores from August.  For further information please visit

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