Joby GorillaPod® Mobile Vlogging Kit Review


Reviewed by Lucy Gwilliam

The GorillaPod started as a flexible and bendy tripod that gained widespread popularity a few years ago.  Now, it has evolved into a comprehensive vlogging kit, including the GorillaPod tripod, a mobile rig, a mini LED light, and the Wavo mobile microphone, along with various mount adapters.

The mobile rig is a central piece that connects your smartphone to the GorillaPod, offering a secure grip with rubber surrounds, adjustable size, and the ability to rotate for different shooting angles.  It also features mounts for additional accessories like the light and microphone.

The mini LED light is a small yet robust wireless light with adjustable brightness levels and colour temperature.  It comes with a diffuser for softer light and is magnetically attachable.  The light is waterproof and has Bluetooth connectivity for remote control via a smartphone app.  The Wavo mobile microphone is a directional mic designed to capture audio in front while minimizing surrounding noise.  It comes with a shock-absorbing mount and is compatible with both Android and iPhones.

The vlogging kit combines these components, providing a versatile and high-quality setup for vlogging, emphasizing the premium construction and performance of each component.  The fact the is waterproof is an excellent highlight and the microphone’s ability to capture clear audio while reducing background noise is an excellent addition.  Overall, the kit is quite impressive, with top-notch quality in each element.

Furthermore, the light in this vlogging kit can be wirelessly connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth, allowing you to control its brightness from 0 to 100 using the Joby app.  The light is magnetic, which gives you the flexibility to place it creatively without any wires.  It comes with two shoe mounts and one quarter-inch mount.  The light is well-protected, with a small red compartment revealing a USB-C port for charging.  This protection is because the light is waterproof up to 30 meters, making it suitable for underwater use.

The kit also includes a microphone, the Wavo mobile, which is a directional microphone designed to capture audio directly in front while reducing surrounding noise.  It comes with a fluffy dead cat cover to further minimize background noise.  The microphone connects to the mobile rig or a GorillaPod arm via a shoe mount, supporting both 3.5mm TRS and TRRS connections for compatibility with both Android and iPhones.

When all these elements come together, they form a versatile vlogging kit that enhances the quality of your footage. The kit consists of a premium construction of each component which is very easy to use and enhances to create video content efficiently.  The adaptability of the mobile rig is great, which can accommodate various smartphones as well as mirrorless cameras or action cams.  The light impresses with its power and wireless functionality, I recommend using the diffuser to soften the light.  The microphone, too, is commended for improving audio quality.  The kit’s versatility allows for separate use of components, such as attaching the microphone to your mirrorless camera or using the light independently for better lighting.  Despite the kit being quite an expensive initial cost, ultimately it is well worth the investment and I recommend it for vlogging purposes.

This is the perfect Christmas present for someone into creating video content.  My children love creating TikTok content and my son had fun using this kit to enhance his videos.

The kit can be purchased from and RRP is £197.95

I would rate this kit 5/5

Rating: 5/5

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