Jess Impiazzi Interview

When did you know that you wanted acting to be your career? 

Since birth I think! I literally do not ever have a memory of wanting to do anything else. As a child I was always making up plays and shows for my family- and then in our local pub there was a stage, I’d always make up shows and invite all the locals to come in and watch. I was in a few television adverts as a child. I honestly have nothing else in the world I’d want to do more. 

We would love to know about any current/future projects?

My film “Override” staring myself, Luke Goss, Dean Cain and Kimberly Wyatt is out in September and next up I am filming a zombie comedy called “Death Do Us Apart” with Jason Flemyng and Josh Myers which I’m super excited about. There is a tv pilot for a comedy series in the mix too at the moment, so fingers crossed for more info on that soon. I’m also editor and partner of House of Influence ( which focuses on social media and Influencers, their stories and their content. We have just launched ‘The Good Influence Project’ which is something I am very passionate about. 

So what is the Good Influence Project?

Having been in the public eye for a while now and being lucky enough to have built a social following, I have realised that content can be very powerful. I made mistakes early on when I didn’t know better, posting content for brands etc that I didn’t really believe in and thought nothing of it. With social media having grown we need to make people accountable for their content. At House of Influence we believe that “With great reach comes great responsibility”, and like a carbon footprint for the environment our content creates a footprint. So the Good Influence project highlights those who are using their platforms for good and aims to promote positive content and influence. 

What would be your dream acting job?

I’d love to have a long standing comedy series, something like ‘friends’ or ‘desperate housewives’ I love how you connect to characters and I’d love to be able to bring that to a series. 

How is your idol acting wise?

I’ve always looked up to Julia Roberts – ever since I was a child. I watched pretty woman so often with my mum and fell in love with her. I also love how she portrayed Eric Brockovich. Such a strong character and Julia roberts smashed it! 

Another idol is Jodie Comer, she absolutely smashed it in killing eve, showing so many different characters she could do and that’s something I’d love to have the opportunity to do! 

Any top tips for others out there running their own business? 

My main advice would be never give up! Something I have seen many times is that when things get tough and you want to give up that’s the part where you push harder, usually after the biggest hurdle is the biggest reward. Also work smart and don’t be a busy fool, what I mean by this is manage your time smartly, prioritise and always find down time to stay mentally sharp. I find meditation great for this.

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