Nik Nagarkar Interview

How did Cvlture TV come about?

The first lockdown shook us to the core. I lost all my tours for the entire year and my media company EY3 Media had to abruptly stop trading. This really hit us hard not only financially but also mentally. We decided at that point that we need independence, independence from being required to travel to work and independence from clients. Whilst thinking this we had always been wanting to launch a platform that really provide valuable content to people. It kind of felt like the stars had aligned and the concept of CVLTURE TV was born. 

In what way do you think that the pandemic has affected the music industry?

Its hammered it, Thousands of people all over the world have lost their livelihoods, nightclubs have gone bust, Record labels have closed, it couldn’t be worse to be honest. But there is a real will and determination to get things back on track and I’m pretty sure once the pandemic is over we will see the biggest surge of all time in the music and entertainment business. We have to stick together and make sure we support our artists as it is a very difficult time at the moment but I’m hopeful the end is near…

What was your background before Cvlture TV?

I have been a touring and recording artist in my group Virus Syndicate for 15 years to the present day, I also own a creative content agency called EY3 Media. I am grateful for all of the opportunities that my music career has given me so far. I have turned over 40 million Spotify streams and YouTube views as well as recently (pre pandemic)  performing globally to sold out audiences from The Hollywood Palladium in LA,  to Sydney’s The CourtYard.

Any other projects and plans? 

We are planning on launching more shows to the platform in the near future, a more music lead show hosted by Virus Syndicate and more sports lead shows too. It’s been exciting building this platform for CVLTURE TV and we have already had some incredible guests, we have some brilliant guests in the pipeline too. I’m also hoping to get back on tour as soon as possible too and of course release some new music!

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