Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Fragrance Gift Set Review

Reviewed by Cath Joyce

I have always loved fragrance; I remember as a child sneaking into my Mum’s bedroom to smell her perfumes that were kept on her dressing table. Whilst she only had a couple of bottles there was a story attached to each one, usually the occasion it was bought for or memories of a holiday that was associated with it. Each bottle was treasured, and I loved hearing about them.

Nowadays there are such a lot of perfumes to choose from and I love browsing in perfume shops, trying out different perfumes. I think it is really important to try perfume on your skin before you buy it as each person’s skin is unique and a perfume that smells lovely on a friend can smell awful on you.

Being such a fan of perfume, I was thrilled when I was asked if I could review Jean Paul Gaultier’s Scandal fragrance gift set as whilst I was aware of Jean Paul Gaultier’s perfumes I hadn’t tried any before.

Whenever I think of Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes I always think of the iconic torso bottles that come in a tin can. Scandal however is in a completely different style of bottle, encased in a simple clear glass bottle with Scandal on the front. In true Jean Paul Gaultier style the bottle top is a little wacky, topped with a pair of legs pointing upwards and wearing heels! This image fits so well with the Scandal name. I am glad to see they have kept the tin as the gift set comes in a nicely sized square red tin with pink lid that can easily be reused, helping us do our bit for the environment. The gift set contains a 50ml bottle of perfume and a 75ml perfumed body lotion which are nicely presented in the tin.

Launched in 2017 Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier is a sexy, floral-oriental fragrance. The top notes are blood orange and mandarin orange followed by middle notes of honey, gardenia, jasmine, orange blossom and peach. The base notes are patchouli, beeswax, caramel and licorice.

I love floral and fruity fragrances so Scandal is a real winner for me. From the very first spray you are treated to a fruity explosion followed by the more subtle floral fragrances. The base notes add a heavier musk helping the perfume last all day. I found the fragrance lasted really well and could still smell it on my wrists at bedtime. I love having a matching body lotion as I find it helps the fragrance last longer. The body lotion was smooth and silky and absorbed into my skin easily.

You can always tell if a perfume works well on your skin by the number of people asking what perfume you are wearing and the day I wore the Jean Paul Gaultier perfume at work I lost count of the number of people asking me what the perfume was. Overall, it is a real winner and one I will be adding to my list of favourite perfumes.  Currently costing £55.99 for the 50ml perfume gift set this would make a lovely gift for Mum this Mother’s Day

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £63.50 Currently on sale for £55.99

Available to buy from Perfume Direct.

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