Izmi Baby Carrier Review

Reviewed by Nia Lock

As a mum of three, I’ve had the opportunity to try lots of baby carriers. Carrying my baby, or babywearing is something I enjoy and which makes my life easier. I’ve only been using the Izmi Baby Carrier for a week but my initial feeling is that I like it a lot. My baby is five months old and very used to being carried in a sling. The Izmi comes with really clear instructions and easy to follow diagrams as well as clear information about safe babywearing. I found it really easy to get my baby held close to my body where she feels secure and comfortable which can be difficult to achieve in some carriers. Importantly diagrams for removing the carrier safely are also included

The Izmi carrier is ideal for younger babies (suitable for babies weighing 3.2kg – 15kg (7lbs – 33lbs)) because it has an adjustable seat width and a booster cushion, that my plump baby is too big for, but would be really helpful for safely carrying a smaller baby. The shoulder straps spread the weight across your shoulders really well and I also like the hood with poppers which can be used to add a bit of head support for small babies or for nap time. It also folds up neatly into a very small bundle so it’s perfect for having on standby. It comes with a handy drawstring carry bag and unlike most carriers it actually fits in the bag easily, even with the booster cushion. With a baby who loves being carried I find I always need to have a sling in my bag or under the pram if I’m to get anything done so this is great. Information is also included about breastfeeding whilst wearing in the Izmi, I’ve tried this and found it worked well.

The Izmi is light and simple and doesn’t have any padding which I find really suits me. It’s supportive and comfortable for us both and my preferred carry at this stage is the front carry with crossed straps. In a few months I’ll be using the Izmi in a back carry as this becomes much easier when the baby is heavier and also gives them the opportunity to look around a bit more, back carries are suitable for babies from around six months. Another option is a side carry which is good when your baby wants to be carried at the same time as watching what you’re doing. There are also instructions for a forward-facing front carry which I did try briefly but I would only carry my baby like this for a very short time. 

The Izmi carrier looks neat while you’re wearing it and people have commented that we both look very comfortable in it. The baby is well supported across her back and her legs are held in the all-important M shape which is essential for healthy hip development. I love the colour, Midnight Blue (also available in Mid Grey and Teal), and the100% cotton construction. The Izmi is machine washable thankfully, as my baby is notoriously messy.

This carrier is recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £80

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