InfaCare Night-Time Baby Bath Ultra Mild Review

InfaCareBabyBathInfaCare Night-Time Baby Bath Ultra Mild

Reviewed by Bharti Patel

The night time routine is such an important one for little children and my son loves bath time. I am always trying to find the best products for his skin and we both love products that smell lovely. I recently tried InfaCare Night-time Baby Bath Ultra-mild and it smells amazing!

It comes in a very simple looking purple bottle and has a cute picture of a child sleeping on what I can only describe as bubble looking stars, it’s a good sized bottle of 750ml but sometimes these bottles do not last long due to the amount required. I poured a very small amount into a running bath and the amount of bubbles that a small amount produces is amazing and the smell is gorgeous! The bottle states that the product is ‘Kind to babies sensitive skin’, my little boy has dry skin so this is something I watched over a few days to see if it made it any worse as I have found other products on the market that claim to be kind to skin have actually dried his skin out more. The other thing it states is ‘long lasting baubles’. I find most bubble bath mixtures the bubbles do not last long once the child is placed in the bath tub, my son loves blowing the bubbles off his hands so this was another thing I was interested to see if the claim was true.

So a week of trying this product and the results are, it did not dry my son’s skin out at all, I needed a very small amount to get a lot of bubbles and the big question, do they last? Yes! I have never got to the end of bath time and the bubbles are still there. This was of course brilliant for my son who kept shouting “bubbles”, “bubbles” with excitement as he blew them off part of his arms and hands. And the smell, which I mentioned earlier, well it just smells so lovely! Not overpowering, just the kind of smell you would expect for a calm bath time before bed. I have to say the bottle is still very full and I think this will last us months! This is available from the usual places of Boots, Superdrug and supermarkets and at the price (around £3) it is brilliant purchase. I will be continuing to buy this as our bath time product from now on, it is suitable for use from 1 month old.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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