Inch Blue Riley Yellow Booties Review

Reviewed by Sarah Bowyer

So I arrived home from being out shopping to find a little parcel posted through my letter box and I was wondering what I had been ordering (again). So I quickly opened the box to discover the most adorable pair of little yellow shoes I think I have ever seen.

I was chosen to review the ‘Inch Blue’ shoes, but I wouldn’t have thought they would post them in a box that fits through a letter box. What a great idea!

The shoes are gorgeous super soft leather and they were packed flat in the box with some padding inside to stop them getting crushed.

I was so excited getting them out of the box. I felt like they were for me, when in fact they are for my daughter who is 12 months old. These are her first shoes.

Now my daughter has a thing about pulling her socks off her feet, I can’t keep them on her, but when I put her shoes on she just looked at them, started pointing her toes (like a ballerina) and giggling. She loves them!

The pair of shoes I chose were a pair of Riley Yellow booties (available in sizes; small 0-6 months, medium 6-12 months, large 12-18 months and x-large 18-24 months) from the Heirloom Collection. These shoes have a butterfly and lace up design. They are bright sunshine yellow and are made from breathable leather which is so, so soft. The inside of the shoe is lined with 100% wool felt and they have a suede sole which makes them non-slip.

When I was choosing the shoes I was a bit worried about what size to go for (since my daughter isn’t fully walking yet she hasn’t had her feet measured) however, on the Inch Blue website there is a great sheet that you can print out that allows you to measure your child’s feet. It gives you loads of advice on how to choose the correct size, whether that be to size up etc. there is loads of information on their website. This company really have put a lot of time and effort in to making sure that their customers get a really good service and the child gets the correct size and fit of shoe.

Inside the box is also a little canvas gift bag, so if you wanted to give a pair of these shoes as a gift or store them as a keepsake (which I definitely will) then this is ideal. There is also, on the inside of the box, a print for colouring in and a box of crayons! This company have really thought of everything.

These shoes are handmade to order in Britain and are great quality. Inch Blue should be proud of themselves as the effort they have put in to their product really shows. The website is full of really useful information and helpful advice on how to choose the right size shoe, the shoes themselves are wonderfully soft for chubby little feet and the attention to detail right down to the packaging really shows how much thought they have put in to their brand. I think companies like this deserve more credit. They’re great!!!

I absolutely love these shoes and I will definitely be buying from this company in the near future. I have a son who deserves a high-quality pair of shoes to go alongside his little sister.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £27

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