Daliso Chaponda: What the African Said at the Nottingham Playhouse Review

3 May 2018

Reviewed by Tammy & Anthony Wildblood

If people don’t already know a bit about the Daliso Chaponda, this guy was part of last year’s Britain’s Got Talent and was Amanda Holden’s golden buzzer act which meant he made it straight through to the live shows. After watching his first performance on the show, I was wondering like many people, how on earth can a stand-up comedian top his first performance because normally you wouldn’t have that much new material for another gig till at least a year later but if anything, Daliso had this all covered and had us laughing in stitches probably more than the previous performance. Daliso made the final and ended up coming third, which to be honest I thought he should have won. As Daliso says in his tour “Coming third is like a white man winning the 100-metre final at the Olympics”, to come out with that at the start of the show was pure genius had me hurting with laugher.

As his tour name goes “WHAT THE AFRICAN SAID“, Daliso sure does have a lot to say from news from around the world, to politics to even sex, to using examples about a certain word which I won’t use to even going deep into his own personal issues which made you feel you had a special bond personally with him and I thought that he was trying to convey a message too through comedy that you need to laugh about all the bad things in life too as laughter is the best medicine.

From the moment Daliso walked onto the stage he had the audience in stiches and crying, he’s very PC or should I say non PC which is how comedy should be, they should be allowed to make fun of the outside world and what goes on in it because that’s how they work, without the goings on in the world they wouldn’t have a job to do and people should know this, they are on this planet to make people laugh and yes at some points in the performance I even had a moment where I thought that was a little out of order which was to do about the Army but that’s just because of a personal reason but still I laughed because it was funny and had to stay with an open mind.

Daliso interacted brilliant with the audience like butter to a hot knife, it was brilliance even he was laughing at what people were telling him and he was just quick witted at coming back with things to make you laugh. I was surprised at how much audience interaction there was which was brilliant.

For me, Daliso is up there with the biggest and best comedian’s in the world. For me, he could be my favourite but it all depends how his second tour will go as we will be buying tickets. He could be the new Chubby Brown, but better.

What will change my opinion though if he breaks his promise to his fans, where he’s told us to message him if we have concerns about some of his humour so he can explain it from his view or want to interact with him, so I want to see if he interacts with his fans? We know this will be difficult as he is a busy man but would love to hear from him.

On a whole what the African said Daliso Chaponda has plenty to say with sheer laughter and as he sums up the night in basically these words… life is too short to not laugh at things so enjoy life and that’s true.

I recommend the tour… go and see him but remember… it’s comedy! He will have your stomach and jaw aching for hours on end.

Nottingham Playhouse is modern theatre the staff are friendly, parking for the theatre which we found to be really easy is parking on the street nearby which will cost you £2 from 6pm to 8pm but after then its free parking so all in all its good but get there early as these spaces fill up really quickly.

5 out of 5 for an all-round performance.

Rating: 5/5

Daliso Chaponda is currently on tour around the UK, for more information and tour dates visit dalisochaponda.com.

For other shows at the Nottingham Playhouse visit www.nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk or call the box office on 0115 941 9419.

Nottingham Playhouse, Wellington Circus, Nottingham, NG1 5AF | 0115 941 9419

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