Iconic Edinburgh Photo Tours Review

Iconic Edinburgh Photo Tours

Reviewed by Nicole Warren

If I was a tourist coming into Edinburgh and I wanted a bit of insider knowledge about Edinburgh and to take some lovely and interesting photos of Edinburgh, Will from Iconic Edinburgh Photo Tours is who I would come and see.

I have an older Canon DSLR camera, but was not completely sure how to use it and had no additional lenses other than the one it came with. Luckily, for me, Will had a Canon camera and was more than happy to show me how to use the settings and also let me use some of his other lenses to take some lovely pictures that I couldn’t have taken without his help.

Will is a former Lonely Planet Photographer and, along with his wife Sue (who is available to come on tours should you need Japanese/Korean translation) makeup Iconic Edinburgh Photo Tours. Will has a very personable approach, and is more than happy to help with camera settings and angle suggestions all the whilst guiding you through Edinburgh and offering historical facts and folklore about the areas we are photographing. Will ensured that the “iconic” Edinburgh photographs were covered, i.e. Edinburgh Castle, Ross Fountain, The Royal Mile, Calton Hill etc…, but also took us down to some interesting gravestones within Edinburgh’s cemeteries and also some shots of Ramsey Gardens, that despite living fairly close to Edinburgh and knowing the basic sights, I did not know this place existed!

I found Will to be a lovely guide and good fun which is always a nice quality in any tour guide. He even offered up some recommendations of a place to get shawarma which was really tasty!

If you need some guidance on using your camera, or would like to take some unusual shots of Edinburgh, this is the tour to go on. It is indeed, a very pleasant way to spend a few hours in Edinburgh and learn quite a few things as you go along.

Please note that this tour requires a lot of walking, and often up steep hills and so is not recommended for less able bodied individuals.

Rating: 5/5

Will and Sue are also available for Wedding photography and further details can be found on their website:, on twitter @iconicedintours and

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