How Underfloor Heating Can Help Improve Your Property Value

Every homeowner naturally looks to improve the value of their property through any home renovations that they invest in. Ultimately, they want the investment to provide a return through an increase in the property value.

A more advanced and energy efficient heating system is bound to be an attractive proposition for potential buyers and could encourage them to invest more in a property. As it’s not that common to have because it requires renovations and disruption to the household, not to mention the perceived additional cost of laying and then heating, when a buyer hears that there is underfloor heating it adds that something special to a home that they may not otherwise have considered. Buyers are always looking for something that makes a property stand out from the rest, and underfloor heating is sure to tilt the sale in your home’s favour.

Underfloor heating systems built using underfloor heating trade supplies have rapidly grown in popularity in the UK over the last few years. The fact that they can save users money on their utility bills coupled with the even distribution of heat they provide have made them very popular as a heating method.

Let’s explore in more detail how and why the addition of this feature will add definite value to your property:

  • It adds a desirable lifestyle element to your home that not many in the UK have managed to install yet.

Since underfloor heating is a relatively new heating system, not everyone has had the opportunity to install yet. This makes it a highly coveted and attractive addition to a property, as it adds a more element that not everyone is able to afford.

Not only does it feel luxurious, it is also highly practical and somewhat enjoyable. The idea of walking around barefoot on a warm floor delights most people.

The unique and luxurious element of it will make people want it more and hence they will be willing to pay more for it.

  • It is more energy efficient than regular heating systems.

Savvy buyers will recognise the long-term value of investing in a property with an underfloor heating system.  A homeowner who has installed underfloor heating will have insulated their home properly, meaning heat won’t escape their property as easily. It is also a more energy efficient system as the heating runs at lower temperatures and can be controlled from anywhere due to the smart system.

It means that your property has a better EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating and their utility bills are likely to be lower, saving them money on a regular basis.

  • A house with underfloor heating is bound to be more warm and comfortable

The added comfort that a property with underfloor heating provides makes it more attractive and therefore increases its value. The cold winter months are more bearable in a home that is well heated. No need to huddle up next to a radiator, the underfloor heating distributes heat to all corners of a room.

Not only does this system distribute heat more effectively, it is also great at minimising the circulation of dust mites. Radiators tend to circulate dust mites and make allergies worse.

This means that allergy sufferers are less likely to suffer from irritation if they’re in a property with underfloor heating. This is especially attractive for those that have children that suffer from allergies

All these features add to the desirability of a property with underfloor heating.

  • Underfloor heating makes a house look more spacious and attractive.

Let’s face it, radiators aren’t the most attractive item to look at. What’s more, they take up space on our walls where we can’t position large items or furniture or place wall hangings.

The underfloor heating system is completely discreet and hidden away. You also don’t have to worry about cleaning it whereas radiators can regularly accumulate dust. This is yet another great feature that will increase its value.

To conclude, it is quite clear to see that underfloor heating systems are an attractive addition for any property where the owner is looking to increase the value. It is an investment that will pay itself back in no time.

Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies provide dry and wet underfloor heating systems to effectively warm your home. We install the systems quickly and efficiently. To find out more, visit our website or call us today.

written in collaboration with Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies
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