How to Decide on the Best Watch for You

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A wristwatch is an item that’ll not only allow you to keep track of the time, but that’ll give everything you wear a sense of continuity. Pick a watch that reflects your personality, and your style will become uniquely and unmistakably yours – provided that you wear it in the right way.

But what does your perfect watch look like? It’ll depend on a range of factors. Let’s examine some of the more important ones, and see if we can help you to make the right choice.


It’s easy to spend thousands, or tens of thousands, on a wristwatch. If you want to avoid going over-budget, then decide on how much you’re willing to spend before you assess the options.


Watches come in a range of shapes, colours and styles. Some are encased in black moulded plastic, and built to withstand water ingress. Others are built for less rugged environments: they tend to match well with offices and nights out. The more expensive watches tend to be made from highly strong and durable materials like titanium, along with precious ones like gold, silver and platinum. Be sure to check the purity of these metals before reaching into your wallet: if a price seems too good to be true, then it probably is.


When making a purchase of this sort, it’s worth assessing the weight and feel of the watch before committing. After all, you’re going to be wearing it at all hours of every day, and it’s important that you don’t feel encumbered by it. For similar reasons, you should get the strap of your watch adjusted so that it’s the perfect size for your wrist. If it moves up and down your arm, or digs into your skin, then it’s too tight.


Modern smartwatches come bristling with features which traditional mechanical devices lack. They’ll monitor your heartrate, count your steps, and allow you to send and receive messages. But the traditional watch still offers a classic look and feel that’ll appeal to many.


Reputable brands like Sekonda and Rolex from Chapelle are able to offer extensive guarantees, and their products will tend to be sturdier and more reliable. After all, you don’t succeed in an industry as demanding as this one without a commitment to quality.

Who’s Selling?

The reputation of the vendor should also be considered. This is a major purchase, and you’ll want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can return the watch if anything should go wrong.

Your Lifestyle

There’s a final piece to the puzzle, and that’s you. If you know that a certain watch isn’t going to match well with the sorts of activities you do, then it doesn’t matter how great it looks on the page of a catalogue. It’s also worth bearing in mind your personal style: there are few items more personal than a high-quality watch.

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