8 Tips For An Organized Garden Shed

If you are keen on running a tidy home, then a garden shed can be a practical storage solution for some tools and things you need, especially your gardening equipment. Many people tend to throw in stuff into their sheds without any order or system to follow. That is why they later find it hard to organize their garden storage space. But tidying up the shed can be hugely satisfying.

Doing some bit of gardening on a sunny day is a welcome prospect for any avid gardener. But the idea of getting lost in the shed looking for tools can dampen that zeal. You can avoid all that if you establish some orderliness in the shed. Below are some tips and tricks that you can use to arrange and organize your garden shed.

Add Cabinets or Shelving

You can improve the storage capacity by installing some shelves and cabinets. You can opt to buy pre-built cabinets and shelves that reduce the amount of work involved, or you can take the DIY route and build them. It all boils down to how much involvement you want. The pre-built shelves and cabinets have minimal installation complications; thus, they are a straightforward job.

Storage Boxes

With storage boxes or containers, you will have a simple and effective solution for storing your garden tools and supplies. You can also use these containers to keep any of the kid’s outdoor toys. You can build the boxes using timber or buy plastic storage containers that come in different sizes. Remember to label them so that you know the contents of each box.

Peg Rail Organizer

Installing a few pegs to the walls of the garden shed or on the back of the door to use them for hanging some tools and your gardening gear. The pegs are an expensive way of upgrading the available space on a budget.

Heavy Duty Magnetic Strip Organizer

You can organize most of your metallic gardening tools using a heavy-duty magnetic strip organizer. The beauty of these fixtures is that you can install anywhere, be it on the wall or behind the door. You also can fix them on the side of your worktable so that they are easy to reach and yet in a safe place to avoid any unwanted injuries or damages.

Steel Pegboards

Steel pegboards borrow from the traditional way of organizing and storing tools and equipment. The boards are affixed to the wall and have hook, brackets or peg, preferably made from robust and non-corrosive metal. Some even have mobile shelves that you can add or remove as needed.


You may not think much of the mason jars you have in your kitchen, but they can be practical solutions for organizing your garden shed. The jar can in different shapes and sizes, but they can be where you keep things such as screws, nails, and other small items that you do not want falling in the hands of kids.

Metal Shelving Unit

If installing cabinets and shelves is not something you are considering for your shed, then when not buy a metal shelving unit? You will get a sturdy, hard-wearing, and practical answer when you need to make use of the available space. You will be able to get things off the floor and place them in a safe place. The metal shelving unit will also be an excellent investment when you decide to turn the garden shed into a home office or your mancave.


Lighting up the garden shed may not have any direct contribution to the organization of the garden shed, but it does help when you need to see things and what you are doing when in there. How many times have you visited the shed to pick something at night, but need to have a torch in hand so that you can see in the dark? It is time you put an end to the use of the torch and installed some lights. It can be electricity or solar-powered lighting.

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