Houdini’s Greatest Escape at Kings Head Theatre London Review


Reviewed by Debbie Kingsland

Location It’s very easy to find if you come out of Angel Station and turn right along Upper Street for about 10 mins. Look out for the Kings Head pub and it’s the alley next to the pub. Get there early if you can as Angel offers an amazing and diverse array of eateries and wine bars along the way.

The Kings Head Theatre is a beautiful, cosy and delightful theatre, albeit a little snug with the seating but this adds to the audience feeling part of the show. There are a lot of stairs and from what I saw no lift so in my opinion would only suit able bodied theatre goers. Small bar within the theatre but if you are planning on getting a drink to take in ensure you get there early as the bar closes before the show starts. The show is also just over 90 minutes with no break so ensure you have any comfort breaks beforehand as you’ll not be able to get out of your seat during the performance. Not that you’d want to as you’ll be mad to miss anything.

Photo credit: Pamela Raith

The show as you would imagine is based on the adventures of Harry Houdini, the world’s most famous escapologist and his beautiful wife, but it was so much more than that and I don’t want to spoil the surprise if you are planning on going along which I’d massively recommend you do. What I can tell you is Houdini and his wife become fugitives, join a circus amongst other things during the show so you need to be on your toes to keep up with it all at times and that’s just part of all the fun.

We side splittingly laughed from the moment it started until through until the end. It was a really fast paced show with lots of prop arrangements that changed seamlessly (most of the time) in front of you but that just added to the fun element of it all. With all this going on I’m sure that if you went numerous times it would differ which is something I loved about it. The cast was amazing and we loved how they all included the audience at various points.

Our favourite, if allowed, had to be the cast member Adam Elliot (He was just as funny as himself too, as we chatted to him in the bar) Adam plays a multitude of parts, some of which he morphed into on stage which was just hilarious to watch. The enthusiasm and pure energy of the cast members was just fabulous, you could see they were enjoying it just as much as the audience.

Whilst there wasn’t genuine magic, or so we were told? There definitely looked like a lot of magical trickery going on in front of your eyes which was extremely clever.

The play would suit all ages as there’s something for everyone and looking around the audience everyone was laughing relentlessly throughout the performance. I would definitely rate this a 5/5.

Ticket prices range from £10 – £47

The show appears to take place every day except Friday until Sunday 30th June 24 at the Kings Head Theatre, Angel, London


Rating: 5/5

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