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Reviewed by Emma Baker

We have had fold up tents and pop up tents in the past which never seem to last. My children aged 2½ and 11 have had their eye on a teepee for a while now but have 1 girl and 2 boys it’s hard to find the right balance of colours and design to suit each taste. So when we were asked to give this Decorate Your Own Teepee from Hobbycraft a go we jumped at the chance.

It came in a simple white box with a picture of a white teepee on the front, we couldn’t wait to open it. It came wrapped in a plastic bag and contained 10 wooden poles and 5 plastic tubes and the canvas teepee. There was also a single sheet of paper that showed quick clear instructions in the form of diagrams of how to connect the poles and put the teepee up.

So we began to assemble. 5 of the poles had holes in so these were the top parts they each easily inserted into a plastic tube and then had another wooden pole inserted into the other side, the canvas teepee had 5 gaps in the sides where the poles went and 2 long pieces of thread at the top that threaded through the holes in the poles that simply tide together. It was quick and easy to put up which was a godsend with eager kids around asking ‘are you finished yet?’

The teepee has a curtain style entrance that can be left open or tide back with the rope style fasteners. The teepee is a good size and easily fits my 2½ and 5 year old inside while the play ‘home.’

It easily folded up together once we had finished playing with for easy storage and didn’t take up much room, which is always handy with any type of child’s toy.

Now for the best part, the canvas tent can be decorated with your own design! Rather than decorate the full teepee in a certain style we decided to choose a side and put each of the kid’s names on it and they drew a picture of their choice, so that we could change it depending on what game they were playing. We made an open/close sign to hang over the top of the poles when the café is in play. We used every day colouring felt tips to draw on the fabric and these went on with ease, the colours stayed bright and it didn’t spread or leak.


Overall this is a great little product, although I was slightly disappointed that it didn’t come with any type of colours or stickers to decorate with as you find in many ‘decorate/design your on stuff. It was great fun to do and is a regular in every day play life since it arrived. It is much cheaper than most of the teepees I have looked at due to the plain nature of it but I think this adds to the specialness of it as you can personalise it to how you want.

A must have for any household with children of any age to make their world of make believe much more fun.

A massive thumbs up. A great price and worth every penny.

Teepee measures 140 x 120 cm (55.1 x 47.2 Inches).

Kit contains a canvas teepee, canvas rope, 5 wooden poles and instructions.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £35

Available to buy from Hobbycraft here.


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