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GlowKidsSnailGLOWkids T-Shirt

Reviewed by Sally Ellis

I chose the bright orange snail on a white T-Shirt for my 4-year old son and was thrilled to be sent the item for review. Of course, all of the GLOWkids products feature bright prints, as their mission is to ensure children are safe by making them visible and easy to pick out of a crowd. I imagine this would be especially when children may be playing outside in overcast weather, however even in Summer, the dusky evenings mean that it is imperative that clothing makes them easy to spot, particularly by drivers if they are cycling or playing near busy roads.

The T-Shirt I am reviewing is size 3-4, however my child is small for his age, so I was happy to find this fitted him well, even being a bit long and should in fact last for two summers! However, I’d say that if I got it when he turned 3, it would probably have drowned him – better to be too big than too small though. The T-Shirts go up to size 13, so perfect for all young children.

In terms of designs, the options vary depending on age, but there are lots of fun images to choose from, such as snakes, Glowgirl and piranha (my favourite!). It may sound a bit stereotypical, but I would have liked to see a vehicle of some sort (my boy is obsessed with anything on wheels), although he is very happy with the snail – it does indeed look ‘funky’ as the website promises! The 3-4 range is only available as a white T-Shirt, whereas those for older children have a black option and feature a larger number of designs. I’m not sure if a particular background colour is necessary for the luminous print to work or stand out, but it would be nice to have more choice of T-Shirt colour. Clearly the white T-Shirt is the most reflective, but perhaps GLOWkids will introduce other versions in future.


I notice that the website has a couple more sections, including incredibly bright fluorescent hoodies and beanie hats, so there is are plenty of clothing items to choose from, making it impossible to miss a ‘Glowkid’!

It’s safe to say that creator/designer Caroline King is onto a winner with Glowkids. I’m sure I’ll be putting my son in this T-Shirt next time I’m going somewhere busy, so I can spot him easily. It might be obvious from my eagerness to see more colours and designs, I think this is a beautiful range and I would wholeheartedly recommend these products to friends and family.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP (T-shirts): £12 to £16

Available to buy in sizes from 3 to 13 years from


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