Here Be Monsters at the Theatre Royal Winchester Review

HereBeMonstersHere Be Monsters
Theatre Royal, Winchester

19-20 September 2015


Reviewed by Emma Booth

Me, my mum and my daughter visited the Theatre Royal in Winchester to see a great new kids musical show called Here Be Monsters which is based on the lovely book by Jonathan Emmett and Polly Bernatene. I wasn’t even aware of this theatre so wasn’t sure what to expect but we managed to park in a carpark only a two minute walk away and being a Sunday parking was free.

The story is all about Captain Cut-Throat and his crew that set sail on a journey to a mysterious island in search of treasure but what they don’t know is the island is full of monsters. As they near the island the crew start to get scared and believe that something is lurking in the mist and Captain Cut-Throat is certain that monsters simply don’t exist. The crew is made up of five characters including Captain Cut-Throat who is a fox, Stinky O’bleary who I believe is a warthog, Sneaky Mc’squeaky a rat plus two more dastardly characters.

I thought this show was brilliant, there were some fantastic songs that were catchy and upbeat and you could see them playing the instruments on the stage. This was so much fun to watch the lighting effects and smoke made a convincing scene set up and the way they incorporated the monsters was very exciting for my daughter as she watched then taking the crew one by one. The show was 55 minutes long without an interval which was just the right length of time they keep their attention. The show was full of energy and the performance couldn’t be faulted, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit and thought it appeals to all ages making it a fab family show to go and see.

The theatre is a lovely cosy 400 seat Edwardian style auditorium and is very impressive with a lovely little café. On our way out we picked up some leaflets of some upcoming kids shows which looked good fun so we will be sure to be visiting here again soon.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

For shows at the Theatre Royal Winchester visit www.theatreroyalwinchester.co.uk.

Theatre Royal Winchester, Jewry Street, Winchester, SO23 8SB | 01962 840440


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