Healthy Teeth and Gums this Christmas Review

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Reviewed by Julie Jessup

I was very surprised when I received a big padded envelope and it was full to bursting with all kinds of oral products. When I was chosen for the dental review, I did not expect to receive so many interesting things.

I will start by telling you about the toothbrush, I usually use an electric toothbrush but when I am away on my little breaks I take a manual toothbrush. I was sent a bamboo toothbrush made by The Humble Company based in Stockholm in Sweden and designed by dentists. The handle is fully biodegradable and can be disposed in your recycling bin. The bristles are made of nylon. Bamboo is an excellent resource it is the fastest growing plant on the planet, it is antibacterial, so during cultivation no pesticides or fertilisers are used.

Every Humble product purchased goes towards funding projects for children in need.

I found the brush was ideal for me I do like a firm toothbrush that actually feels as if I have cleaned my teeth and this one was just that.

I must award this 5/5 stars for functionality and Ethics.

For more information visit RRP £3.99

Now the toothpaste, I actually received two of these, Advanced Silver whitening toothpaste by Beverly Hills Formula. This toothpaste must not be used for children under 7.

It contains silver, hyaluronic acid, triple whitening technology and fluoride. This toothpaste is excellent for whitening and cleaning. It smells and tastes quite minty and makes your mouth feel clean and alive.

It certainly deserves 5/5 stars, I love the squeaky clean feeling. For more information visit RRP £10

Glo32 with coconut oil advanced whitening toothpaste is amazing, I am noticing a slight whitening of my teeth, but I will need to use it a bit more to get the full effect. It is also excellent for keeping your breath nice and fresh. 5/5 stars as your teeth feel gleaming. For more information visit RRP £10

Another Glo32 product is the advanced whitening stilo pen to use you twist the base of the pen to dispense the gel onto the brush put a layer of gel onto the teeth please avoid the gums and leave on for 10-20 minutes in this time do not eat or drink. Make sure you rinse out your mouth well and use 2-3 times a day to get the whitening effect you require. I have used this a few times and my teeth are looking a little whiter. You do have to be careful with this and do not use if you have broken gums and mouth ulcers, I do suffer from ulcers and even though I did not have any when I used the treatment I had a couple about 3 days after, so this is a product I personally would not like to use very often. You must also read all the instructions on the box as there are a few restrictions. 4/5 stars, an excellent product if you can use it. For more information visit RRP £15

I also had the GLO32 advanced whitening strips the box contained 28 strips to use on lower or upper teeth. This is the ideal way to get a super star smile without the use of trays. It is a 14 day treatment that I have just started trying, they are really easy to use bit I am unable to comment on the final outcome. I have used a cheaper version of whitening strips before and I got in a right mess with them, these really are nice and simple to use. 4/5 stars as I can comment on the overall whiteness. For more information visit RRP £20

Due to a major operation on my right hand I have very little use of it and was advised by my dentist to use floss picks as floss itself really does need two hands to use it effectively. In my bundle I actually got a packet of 90 Dentek Triple Clean floss picks these are the same product I have been using for months. They are ideal for me as I have small gaps in between my teeth and gums that I often get meat stuck into, it makes me so irritable as it is quite annoying, so now I can take a few of these picks in my bag as they really do the trick. They are able to get in these small gaps and get rid of any debris. They help reduce tooth decay as you do not have any food left in between these gaps. I also use mine as a tongue scraper which will help anyone who has the dreaded bad breath. All this from one tiny pick. 5/5 stars as they really do get rid of all your unwanted food and plaque. For more information visit RRP £4.59

Dentek Easy Sensitive Extra Gentle Easy Brush Cleaners I had never tried these before and I was suitably impressed. They are very easy to grip that is certainly a bonus for me and have a wire with a little brush on, so I really felt as if my teeth were also getting a good clean, as well as getting rid of unwanted debris. They are also fluoride coated. You can get these brush cleaners for extra tight spaces and wide gaps. 5/5 stars the little brushes make your teeth feel very clean.  For more information visit £4

Fresh Mint Dental Picks 100 in a pack, they are dual ended the plastic bristled end and the textured end. These do much the same as the other picks, but I did not find them quite as comfortable in my mouth and they did make my teeth bleed slightly. I personally do not feel they are as good quality. 3/5 stars ideal for someone who does not have any sensitivities. For more information visit RRP £2.75

Bamboo Interdental 8 pack brush from the same company that supplied the toothbrush, The Humble Company. They are biodegradable, sustainable and reusable. I found they worked just as well as the plastic ones. 5/5 they work really well and will not end up in landfills or in the ocean. For more information visit RRP £4

I had a real treat with the Beverly Hills Formula mouthwash as it contains real gold bits, such luxury. It also looks good in the bathroom with the gold glistening in the bottle. My mouth felt fresh and alive. I certainly will be buying this mouth wash in future. 5/5 stars it really is long lasting, no more coffee breath for me.  For more information visit RRP £4.99 for 500ml

The last two products are very useful a twin pack of Temparin Max log lasting temporary repair for caps and fillings. These are ideal for that dental emergency. Do these emergencies happen? I can tell you they do for sure, as many Christmases ago I struggled to open a Christmas present and decided as you do to open it with my teeth! Big mistake my front cap snapped and left me with a huge gap, so I used this product until I could get to the dentist. So I did literally want a front tooth for Christmas! This packet contains enough for 24 repairs, it does set quick, so make sure you have the tooth in the right place. 5/5 stars as this is so reliable. For more information visit RRP £8.00

Dentak First Aid Kit. I always take one of these on holiday with me and I would always keep a pack in my emergency first aid box. This is a very similar pack to the last one, so very useful. 5/5 stars do not leave home without a pack. For more information visit RRP £6.98

When I next pay a visit to my dentist he will be stunned and amazed. My teeth have certainly had the VIP treatment and will look great for Christmas.

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