Health and Beauty at Christmas Review

Reviewed by Julie Jessup

I was very excited to be chosen to review various beauty and health products. I was given a list of what to expect, but did not quite get what I expected which is no problem as I was very happy with my goodies.

How happy was I to receive the gift set called Get Your Glow On Christmas Tanning Set (RRP: £12) by St. Moriz. It arrived in a cheerfully bright box. The contents were wrapped in a blue tissue paper and would make a lovely Christmas gift.

In my gift set I received a really funky velvet tanning mitt, it is black with lip impressions on it and feels super soft and ideal to get your glow even. The tanning product was a medium tanning mousse which was slightly dark for my colouring. However, it went on easy enough and did not leave any streaks. You really must take notice of the instructions as if you do not let this product fully dry it will stain your clothes and bedding. You do need to prepare your body before you use this product by exfoliating to get rid of any dry skin, also make sure you moisturise any dry areas you have.

It does take 4-6 hours to develop, so do not think that it looks lighter than you expected and put more on as you might get a bit of a shock! After this time have a shower to get rid of any access and then you should have a golden glow. Unfortunately. I had more of a burnt look as this would not be the colour I would choose. Even though this gift set only comes with the medium colour.

It is made with olive milk and vitamin E both ingredients are known to be good for your skin.

Next in my set was a beautiful high shine lip gloss, I really do like a shiny lip gloss and this was perfect for shiny kissy lips.

Then there was a shade n shimmer tan enhancer, body bronzer and highlighter. I love this, it really makes a difference, you do need a bronzing brush to apply it and it is suggested you can use it on many areas of your face and body. You then dust off and apply a very thin layer of the highlighting dusting powder. There is a top tip on the box which says apply a small amount and build slowly to avoid over applying, I stupidly did not follow this tip and did look rather like an oompa loompa!

I am awarding this gift set 5/5 stars as if it had been the right colour for me it would have been excellent. For more information visit The RRP of £12 is such an excellent price.

I was super thrilled to receive The Experimenter Kit (RRP: £25) which contain an array of make-up by Sleek. I seriously needed to update my make-up collection and this box has done the trick. It has everything you need to use in one box for day and night wear. The only disappointment was the box had one product missing this was the shattered glass glitter effect lip topper shade Bad Moon, I looked in the packaging in case it had fallen out as the box was not sealed but it was not there.

So I will tell you about the other wonderful products starting with the Lip Shot Gloss Impact Shade 1186 Plot Twist, I adore the colour it really is me it is a very warm colour and looks so great on my lips. It is very shiny and does not stick.

Lip Dose a soft matte lip click shade 1309 Controversy a beautiful shade that is soft and very creamy.

Matte Me ultra smooth lip cream shade 435 Birthday Suit this is a liquid lippy that last all day you only need one coat.

I am sure all these shades where made with me in mind as they are all very warm looking and not to out there, just what I like.

Now the eye liner I am a bit of a coward when it comes to eye liner and my daughter has to put it on for me, I am always worried I am going to poke myself in the eye! So I was very brave and let her loose with the pencil which was called Uncontrollable, say no more! I love, love, love this colour it is a gold metallic and very pretty. It lasts for up to 12 hours.

The Fierce Felt liner in Zodiac black had such a precise point on it, great for definition.

Black Utopia volumising mascara had a great brush on it so I did not have to use lashings of it.

Loose Pigment Trance, I have to say I was unsure what this was and I found out on the website that it is a loose metallic eyeshadow, again very pretty.

The highlighting palette is in a gold shimmering case and the shade is 1289 Light Speed. It consists of four beautiful copper and golden tones as well as a little brush. A stunning collection.

Lastly the item I was most excited about the eyeshadow palette this is absolutely gorgeous. In a beautiful black matte case sat 12 stunning colours, light and dark browns, copper and gold tones, some had glitter in them, there was also an eyeshadow brush and a mirror.

I actually thought Christmas had come early for me.

Individually this kit is worth £63 I would be very happy to pay this for the box. But when I found out it can be bought for £15, I was flabbergasted. It is just the best gift for anyone that loves makeup. It really is amazing. This is the easiest 5/5 stars I have ever given. For more information visit  RRP is £25, but most places have it on offer for £15.

I received Jolen Creme Bleach which lightens dark hairs that are unwanted on your face, chin and eyebrows. I used this on my chin as I have some awful dark coarse hairs and have to keep plucking them. I did a patch test first as you most always do this as you are using a chemical and you could have sensitivities to the ingredients, even if you have used it before I would say this was best practice to do every time.

Jolen Creme Bleach

It only needs to be left on for 8 minutes so it works really fast. I was very happy with the outcome, be aware it does not get rid of unwanted hair but lighter hair is hardly noticeable.

Inside the box was the crème, accelerator, mixing cup and spatula so everything you require.

You can get this product in many sizes mine was 30ml of crème and 7g of accelerator.

I am giving this product a very strong 5/5 stars as dark chin hair is one of my pet hates. For more information visit RRP £3.00

Unfortunately, the next 5 items I did not expect and I cannot review I can only tell you about the products. The reason I cannot review is because they are all supplements or vitamins. I certainly would not be able to tell if they worked within 7 days and as I already take vitamins I would be very concerned that I might take too many.

Natures Best Multi-max Complete vitamins and minerals with calcium, magnesium and K2 plus powerful plant compounds lutein and turmeric. This plastic bottle contained 90 tablets. You take 3 a day with meals. There is a warning that as they contain Iron they are not to be taken by very young children, also pregnant and breast-feeding ladies. It is suggested these are for the over 50s. For more information visit RRP £13.75

Future You Vitamin K2 these come in a box with the days on which is very handy. Contained 28 tablets so one a day. They contain calcium for healthy bones. If you are taken anticoagulants seek your doctors advise. The website is very informative, for more information visit

Higher Nature Vitamin K2 for bones and circulation in a plastic bottle with 30 tablets. These can be taken by children over 4. The recommend dose is 1 a day. They are naturally sourced from chick peas. These are not advisable for anyone taking blood thinning agents. For more information visit RRP £11.60

Terra Nova Vitamin K2 50 vegetarian capsules, take one a day, contained in a plastic bottle. For more information visit RRP £19.95

Wiley’s finest wild Alaskan fish oil Vitamin K2 for a healthy heart and strong bones contains Omega 3. Two months supply take one a day. In a glass bottle housed in a box. For more information visit RRP £28.95

There you have it, a host of similar vitamins by different companies at various prices.

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