8 Fun Ways To Jazz Up Your Christmas Party

With the holiday season well and truly upon us, perhaps you’re getting ready to throw a Christmas soiree for your family and friends? It’s not often we get all our friends and family together in celebration, so it is well worth going all out to make the occasion really special. Or, perhaps you’ve got your work party coming up and could do with some last-minute ideas to jazz it up? Either way, a few of these simple suggestions should have you covered.

Live Music

A great playlist can make any party, yet maybe this year, you’re looking for something a little different? Live music can be an awesome touch to a party; there’s just something about seeing the performance and hearing a beautiful singer that’s super festive. It might be the case that you know of a local band or two who might be interested in playing? If nothing springs to mind, have a search via Google or Facebook or ask your pals if they have any ideas.

Choose a theme

Picking a theme for your Christmas party can make the event that little bit more memorable, plus you’ll get much better photographs this way. Your theme choice could be anything from winter wonderland to Santa’s helpers, Christmas jumpers, or characters from Christmas movies. For those wanting to keep it simple, the theme could just as easily involve a dress code of Christmas colours or a black-tie theme. Once you’ve got a great theme, it’s far easier to decorate your space and choose your party favours to match.

Photo booth

Whether it’s an office party or a big party with family and friends, photo booth hire can really make the night! Photo booths can be hired to suit a range of needs and price ranges; you’ll find some quirky themes and creative props to provide you with the perfect pics. Often, most of our pictures stay on our social media or laptops- but with a booth, you’ll get lots of fab print outs to take home as party favours.

Christmas karaoke

Perhaps some of you weren’t sold on the live band because you’d rather get on the mic yourself? Christmas karaoke is the perfect way to get the party started no matter what age you are. You can buy or hire some great karaoke devices, or if you’re on a budget, a screen with Youtube on and a mic will do just fine! Of course, it doesn’t all have to be Christmas songs- just until you’ve got all the old favourites out of the way!

Quirky food & drink stands

To add something a little different to your party, why not try some quirky food and drink stands? You could add a make your own cocktail booth with some easy cocktail recipes. Perhaps a popcorn booth, or an ice-cream parlour stand? If not, what about a fondue stall? With a few fun touches like so, you’ll give your guests a real party to remember.

Secret Santa

You might need a little pre-planning for this one, but secret Santa can be a great addition to any party. If it’s too complex to pick names (which is pretty likely), why not instead ask each guest to bring a wrapped gift to put on the pile. You can set a value for the gifts and ask everyone to take one gift home with them as they leave. (Your  guests will likely be glad of a extra Christmas gift)!


If you have an outdoor space for your party, a few fireworks can be a real treat for your guests. You could hire such services, or you could do it yourself (if you have the expertise). Of course, when it comes to fireworks at a party, health and safety is absolutely essential. With this in mind, hiring a professional service might well be better if you like this idea.

Add a game

A nice Christmas themed game can be a great way to break up all that dancing and eating! Why not set up a Christmas themed trivia quiz, for example. You could offer prizes to the winning teams to make things a little more interesting. If you’re not so clued up on your Christmas based trivia- there are plenty of templates online that you could use to save you a job!

As with any party, the best thing to do is to start your prepping early. You’ll likely have done plenty of prep already by now, but it’s not too late to add a thing or two to make your event that little bit more fun.

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