Head Jog Mane Tamer Hairbrush Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

We were so excited to receive this product to review; mornings in our house can get quite fraught when it comes to getting our 2 and 5 year old daughters’ hair brushed and ready for school / nursery.

We have two completely different issues in our house, our 5 year old has very thick, waist-length hair, this is really prone to tangling and can be a nightmare to get through. Our 2 year old still has quite short hair, but she has rather curly hair that can have a tendency to get matted and frizzy overnight.

First impressions were that the packaging was great. It was attractive and it was possible to see the size and colour of the product really well. It looked nice enough that you could give this as a gift too.

The brushes themselves feel really sturdy and well made. They are like a solid piece of moulded plastic and they have an attractive, almost organic shape. They are very comfortable to hold, and the handle sets them apart from similar brushes on the market. We had a purple brush and a zebra print brush, both designs were quite funky and my girls both fell in love with the zebra brush.

Initially, I thought the plastic bristles felt rather firm and looked quite short. It concerned me that the brush wouldn’t manage my 5 year olds long thick hair, and if it did, it would be scratchy and pull.

I was, however, wrong. I found that I didn’t use it like a normal brush, and brushed her hair in layers and sections, but the brush did a super job and didn’t pull at all. After we had used the brush, her hair was lovely and shiny and was easy to pop into a braid, there were no tangles left.

I was really eager to see how it would manage the hair of a 2 year old who detests having her hair cut, as it’s always so torturous because of the frizz and curls. It was just fantastic. In spite of the firm plastic bristles, it was gentle on her hair and her head and didn’t seem to cause her any problems. It actually detangled her hair without my needing to use a detangling spray which hips fab as these can really weigh down her fine hair.


We were delighted with the Mane Tamer. It is a bargain, considerable less expensive than the more famous, similar brush and does a fantastic job.

Top marks for a top product. We all loved it.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6

Available in Black, Candy Pink, Lime Green, Purple and Zebra Print.

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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