Gregory’s Tree Fruit Twists Review

Reviewed by Emma Rogers

Are you looking for a new, healthy snack for that afternoon 3pm slump to keep you going? For as long as I can remember, afternoons have been peppered with cakes, biscuits and sweets in the office, followed by massive bouts of guilt about snacking during the day, especially when I’m snacking on sugary treats that I should know better about.

Gregory’s Tree are counteracting that age-old guilt by introducing their Fruit Twists, aimed specifically at the snack conscious (and guilt ridden) among us who just want that pick me up every so often. Their hashtag is #BeatTheDip. Each Fruit Twist is made of real fruit and contains just 60 calories. There’s no added sugar and are totally organic. So less guilt, right? Right! They don’t have dates or seeds in them and are 100% organic fruits so they’re free from nuts, gluten, GM dairy and everything else that’s not good for us. It’s also totally vegan, so almost everyone can enjoy (unless you don’t like raspberry or blueberry!).

The bars currently come in one flavour; blueberry and raspberry and can be enjoyed as a snack, or as an alternative to a sugar hit. Each bar has just 60 calories too, so nowhere near the same amount as a chocolate bar, and a lot less than other fruit bars on the market.

We had some of the bars sent to us and tried them ourselves. It’s funny how many people will volunteer to try something when they know it’s healthy and has so few calories, isn’t it? 

Each bar is 18 grams with two twists inside. Combined, the twists provide one of your 5-a-day for healthy fruit intake. The packet also mentions that it’s made from apple puree, concentrated apple fruit juice, raspberry and blueberry. There’s no artificial flavours or colours. 

We really enjoyed these bars. They are very sweet, with hints of both raspberry and blueberry and I think you can taste the apple in them too. They’re quite sticky but definitely give the fructose hit you’re looking for when you need some sugar. The bars are light enough to feel like a snack, but enough to provide the element of needing to refuel or for a proper break. I can see children loving these bars in their lunchboxes instead of a sugar treat, especially as they’re so sweet they taste like, well, sweets. They would be ideal for pick up time after school as they’re not only a treat, but they’re small enough to fit into your handbag or the glove compartment of the car, and they don’t melt like sticky chocolate treats. 

I will be buying these again for myself, mainly to keep in the larder so that I can keep that afternoon slump at bay. #BeatTheDip indeed!

Gregory’s Tree Fruit Twists are available at stockists Tree of Life and The Health Store as well as health shops, health clubs and local shops as well as on Amazon Prime.

Rating: 5/5

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