GOSH Nail Lacquer

GOSH Nail Lacquer

Reviewed by Shelly Harper

The Packaging:
Gosh nail varnish comes in an 8ml clear glass bottle so you can see the colour of the varnish and has a secure black screw on lid. The lid is the same width as the bottle so is very easy to hold when applying the varnish. It is easy to distinguish this is a Gosh product as it simply has the GOSH logo on the front.

The Product:
Gosh nail varnish retails for approximately £5.00 per bottle in Superdrug which is average price for a decent nail varnish these days. Colours include nudes, brights and glitters so you can pick a colour that suits your mood, outfit or event.

When applying the varnish I found the brush to be a little larger than other nail varnish brands which was a real bonus as I was able to paint each nail in 2 – 3 even strokes. The colour appears a little thin upon doing the first coat but the creamy, smooth consistency of the varnish meant my look was complete after doing the second coat. Even when I have a professional manicure and polish, they do two coats so I was not surprised or put out by having to apply the varnish more than once.

The varnish went on very smoothly, doesn’t smell too overpowering and was touch dry within a few minutes so I was able to continue with my daily routine without the fear of smudging and the end result was bright, glossy, professional looking nails.

So far I have worn the nail varnish for four days, two of them days for work in which I constantly use a computer keyboard and I’m pleased to say I have no chips and my nails still look really bright and shiny.

Considering price, ease of use and staying power, I would definitely use GOSH nail varnishes again and recommend them to others.

Available to buy from Superdrug

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