GOSH Click n Conceal Review

GOSH Click 'n Conceal Reviews

01 Nude
Packaging was very hard to open but the product its self is excellent, glides on lovely, mess and drip free. Good size to hold but small enough to put in your bag looks just like a marker pen. I would give this product a 7/10.
Review by Louise Howton

02 Medium
This is a great concealer, which to my knowledge comes in three different shades. I tried 02 Medium and it was perfect for my skin colour. I found it really easy to apply, as it comes with its own applicator brush, you simply click the end and the concealer is pushed up through the bristle’s ready for you to apply. It’s then your choice as to how you blend it in, I used a small makeup sponge as I found that worked far better than my finger and gave the best results. I have searched for this product on the market and as far as I know it is only available from Superdrug and costs £6.99, although I could not find it on their website to buy. I would definitely pay £6.99 for the quality of this concealer as I love how it goes on like a foundation, my only concern would be that I have used other concealers with similar applicators in the past and have found that they don’t last very long. When I first applied it I thought it was quite thick but once you blend it in, it is really light and comfortable on the skin. Overall I think this is a great product and would definitely buy it in future.
Review by Tanya Moyes

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