Godminster Triple Cheddar Collection Review

Reviewed by Sue Riding

This box of three organic cheeses contained the vintage cheddar, a smoked cheddar, and a black truffle cheddar. A good variety for including in a buffet or end of meal. We tried them out at a cheese, wine and chat party.

The vintage cheddar is a deliciously smooth, creamy cheese with a well-rounded flavour. We all really enjoyed this one – including the person who said she doesn’t really like cheese! By itself it would be a good option to include on a cheeseboard. Some of my guests said they wouldn’t normally offer a cheddar cheese because an end-of-meal cheeseboard is usually a time when they like to offer some unusual varieties. However, the quality of this one, along with its organic credentials, would be a winner for them.

Smoked and flavoured cheeses are always a matter of personal preference, but we all wanted to try these. For people who do like a smoked cheese this one has a good strong flavour. The smokiness stayed in the mouth for quite a while. It was a little too strong for a couple of people who felt they were losing out on the cheese taste.

The black truffle cheese has a taste I would have guessed at being garlic had I not read the label. Though I was surprised that the truffle flavouring made up only 3% of the ingredients, considering the strength of flavour. I would have given this second place behind the vintage cheddar. Again, it depends on your own preferences whether you would enjoy the unusual tang the flavouring gave the cheddar. It has quite a rich flavour so would not be one I would eat too much of at one sitting.

The cheeses arrived in wax and cloth coverings which gave an artisan look to them. This with the organic certification, and the unfussy recyclable materials used to pack them, made an attractive whole. Use of locally sourced ingredients was explained on the packaging. I would have liked a little more information about the people who produce the cheese. It adds to the enjoyment when you know a little about the people whose passion for a product has brought it to you. However, it was presented as a high quality product from a small-scale company  and as such the three cheese pack would make a great gift for Christmas or for handing to your hosts if invited somewhere – especially if you package it with some good savoury biscuits and a bottle of wine. A full-bodied red wine, we tried a Cabernet Sauvignon, paired very well with the smoked and truffle cheeses and a chilled Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc with the vintage cheddar.

I would be interested in discovering if there are more flavours on offer in this range of cheeses and if there is the possibility of choosing which cheeses to include in a pack. For many people two truckles of the vintage cheddar with one of the more exotic options would be a good choice.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £26.50

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