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Sassy Shop Wax Review

Reviewed by Kim Bickerdike

When I received my package from Sassy Shop Wax it was well wrapped, pretty and secure. As I started to unwrap the package I was greeted by a scent I can only liken to strawberry milkshake, the more I unwrapped, the stronger the scent became and when I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised by a number of other scents along with a lovely selection of fragrant wax bars and pots.

I have been a candle lover for years and they are always top of my birthday and Christmas list but in more recent years I have decided to make the switch to wax melts. These are a product which are much cheaper than candles but offer the same quality (if not better) of scent for the home. Wax melts are placed in a warmer or burner and usually warmed with a tea light, the wax is gradually warmed and melted releasing the fragrance of your choice.

Since I made the switch to wax melts I have been on the hunt for the perfect brand, I have tried many of the more popular and high-end brands but have lately decided that I want to shop and support local and independent brands. This is one of the things I love about Sassy Shop Wax. It is a small independently owned business that is run by a young woman who started off as a ‘small hobby in her kitchen to a multiple employee company’ when she was on maternity leave and the mission of this company is to ‘connect people and memories through love of fragrance’ and as a fragrance lover this is something I whole heartedly support. Something else which attracts me to this brand is the use of biodegradable glitter, this wasn’t something I had considered when I saw the scented sparkly wax melts but since reading up on Sassy Shop Wax, I am really pleased with the ethics and of this small business.

Now, onto the product. As previously mentioned, I have tried all of the high-end wax melts available but none of them have impressed me as much as the products supplied by Sassy Shop Wax. I have had my gift box for just over a week now which contained 4 wax bars made up of 10 cubes and 2 large wax segment pots which can be broken up into 6 segments. I was instantly impressed with the strength and clarity of the scents and my room filled with fragrance minutes after lighting. For my fist burn I used 1 segment of the wax pot and this melted within 5 minutes, leaving my burner filled with a pool of colourful and sparkly wax and the fragrance was released almost immediately. I really wanted to put this product through its paces so kept the same wax in the burner until the fragrance ran out, I burnt for 12 hours over a number of days and at this point the fragrance had faded but was still present. In fact, I could still smell the scent in my room the following morning. I also used the melts in my kitchen after cooking and again, the cooking smells were soon replaced by my chosen scent.

I am truly impressed with this brands ethos and product, with a wide range of scents there is definitely something for everyone. My favourite scent is Patchouli and Sandalwood Dreams but close runner ups are Antique Bookstore and Snow Pixie (which is a perfect duplicate of the much loved Lush Snow Fairy). I also love to burn seasonal scents in my home and I was really pleased to see there is a seasonal scent page on the website so I will soon be placing an order for some festive scents (Chocolate Orange, Warm Gingerbread and Mulled Wine caught my eye) for myself and for Christmas gifts for my friends and family. If you are unsure of what to buy the fragrance lover in your life for Christmas I would definitely recommend the starter pack which is currently on offer for £15. This would also be a great gift if you need to post to someone as it is packaged so well and looks and smells attractive when opened.

I am thrilled to have discovered this brand and Sassy Shop Wax will unquestionably be my go-to wax melt brand from now on and I will certainly recommend them to all of my friends. If you would like more information on Sassy Shop Wax please have a look at their website www.sassyshopwax.com or find them on Facebook and Instagram, where you will find plenty of information along with FAQs, offers, other customer reviews and a complete list of all of the fantastic products available.

Overall this is an exciting brand which offers a great product at a great price. If you are after long lasting, reasonably priced home fragrance, Sassy Shop Wax is the brand for you.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £2.75

For more information or to buy visit sassyshopwax.com.

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